Zali Zig-Zag Crochet Chevron Blanket

Craft For The World brings this model, it is simply very beautiful and very easy to execute, the zig-zag pattern is a model made in crochet threads. You will learn the size of the blanket (it is important to remember that the size of this model is to your liking) and the stitches to be used, it is a very elegant pattern and the colors help a lot to make the pattern even more beautiful!

Who is starting in the art of crochet needs to learn and train the main points: chain, high point, low point and low point; with these basic points, in addition to crochet nozzles for rugs and cloths it is also possible to make other very varied pieces. It is always good to start from the bottom so as not to lose base points and it is important to know the models that are always in fashion, because through them you can make thousands!


NOTE: AUSTRALIAN / UK terminology is being used.

3.5mm crochet hook and shiny acrylic yarn from Marvel from Spotlight

Points used:
  • Current point
  • DC – Double crochet
  • DC 2 together: attach to the first chain, take the wire and pull, attach to the second chain, take the wire and pull, attach the wires
Foundation chain:

Crochet your foundation chain: you need to chain multiples of 17 PLUS to another 16. Your work will not be as wide as your chain, as it is necessary to allow the zigzag. The zigzag will make your work about 1/4 narrower than your chain, so allow it!

DC once in each of the next 5 chains. *DC three times at the next current point.
DC once at each of the next 7 current points.
Skip the next two points on the chain.
DC once at each of the next 7 current points.*

Line One:

DC the first two points of the chain together. (To do this – attach the first chain, take the wire and pull it, attach it to the second chain, take the wire and pull it, pull it by the wires, pull the three loops.) This forms a firm edge and nice to the side of your blanket.

Repeat the pattern between a * and a * ending in crochet the 7 end points of the chain, like this: a CD in each of the next 5 chains and the CD2 in the last 2 points of the chain. (If you discounted your final lot of points, just add a sneak point or make a few points together! The goal is to finish each line with 7 points – 5 DC and 2 DC together – and the same at the beginning of each line too!)

Line two:

Transform your work and chain one.
Repeat line one. If you would like the ‘peak’ in your borders, crochet only in the LOOPS BEHIND the stitches in the line below

Lines three onwards: Repeat line one.


  • The TOP hump of the chevron / zig-zag is formed by the 3DCs at a point on the line below.
    The chevron / zig zag DIP is formed by skipping two points.
    Each chevron / zig zag has 7 points on each side (between the dive and the hump!), EXCEPT at the beginning and at the end of the line, where they are 5 DC and 2 DC together.
  • If you end up with a lot of stitches in the foundation chain, just ignore the extras and sew them later! I hope I got the foundation point count right! I tested it 3 times!
  • To change the color, tie the previous color at the end of the line and tie it with a new color. Crochet as usual with the new color.
    The loose ends can be knitted as you go or you can weave them later with a thread needle.



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