Winter Jewels Blanket

Welcome to Craft For The World, are you looking for a new pattern or do you want to expand your knowledge?! Meet this magnificent pattern called Winter Jewels Blanket,it is a beautiful simple square that has a very delicate and stylish end result because of the combination of colors and is just perfect to make the environment cozy, with a touch of charm. Besides being comfortable, it is very beautiful and as if it were not enough, it is still very easy to be done. This artisanal technique, like all others, is very useful and are key pieces to complete the look of the house. With the choice of the right colors, such as those that match your decor or even your favorite colors, if you are doing it to leave in your room, you have even more freedom to make the color you want!

The blanket of this pattern, can be made literally in any color and often the mixture of colors can be fun and interesting, leaving your environment happy, since the colors have this power! The colors of the images are just a suggestion, because the choice of colors is up to your taste or according to what your client wants. A simple job but with a very delicate design with an incredible finish and its final result makes all dedication worthwhile. You don’t need to be in a hurry to do this job and you can also use the leftovers from other jobs, believe in its potential and under no circumstances give up!

Make the most of your material when assembling new parts and save! In the end, this beautiful piece can appear as a bedspread, sofa blanket or whatever your imagination and creativity allow. Creativity in craftsmanship has no end and always brings precious news to our daily lives, creating unique people with different charms, this is one of the greatest gifts of this art, modernity and exclusivity!

Because even if it is made by the same hands, the result will always have a unique touch and the good thing about handicrafts is that it updates itself over the years. Winter Jewelry Blanket, ideal for making different pieces, is a beautiful model and has a dazzling effect. Any work done with this beautiful square will give both a special touch to the decoration and sophistication!

The right choice of the line that will be used will make your work delicate and draw attention for its beauty. It is a job that we can say is a thousand and one things, it can be colorful and not lose its delicacy! Squares are a widely used piece to create even more incredible ones, not to mention that it is the type of piece that cheers up any environment and person, manages to make everything better and cozy. Taking advantage of the wires you have at home you can do this job, it is a beautiful square and it has a delicate aspect… stop wasting time and enjoy every moment during the assembly, have fun! Any questions you have is just review the tutorial, follow along and take it easy.

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