Wiggly Crochet Yarn Pattern

Craft For The World bringing this beautiful Wiggly Crochet Yarn Pattern easy, with high points and overlap in a basic net are high points! And even better, don’t worry, because you can make this model in cotton crochet, just choose the beautiful colors of the threads to make the work even more beautiful and if you want to give it to someone you love so much! !

To learn more about this pattern, just follow a tutorial to facilitate the step by step. If you always choose to choose the high point, so as not to get too high due to the thickness of the knitted yarn, feel free! For finishing, make 3 low points in the current range left over from the base. When the last line is made, followed by 3 chains passing in front of the 3 raised points and again 3 points in the next crochet compartment, starting from the base of the crochet beads patterns.

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It is very important to observe the graph to facilitate the assembly, the lines are very important too, so that the work can have a great result and colors are important too!


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