Whirl Quilt

Quilting for beginners is the beginning of a great art of textiles, after all, with this technique you can decorate and quilt your patchwork works with a lot of creativity and fun. There are a thousand ways to do quilting, so the tips here are for you to start to loosen up and extract everything you need without getting frustrated, because with practice you will advance little by little. Quilting is also a way to create pieces with special designs and textures, using patterns and inspiring references. Start by doing the initial step-by-step and invest in new crafts to perfect your textile work, with variations and details to be improved every day by you.

Hand Quilting Hand quilting is a traditional quilt, which takes a little longer and has the function of joining the layers of fabric, decorating the piece with a seam that applies well. It is interesting for those who want to make very straight and geometric finishes, because with the machine you will need a special presser foot. By hand, you have more time to enjoy quilting, and you can do the finishing touches with calm and precision. You can also use any accessories that make your design more defined on the fabric. In quilting for beginners, the hand style is not to be missed.

The quilting feet and sewing feet for this type of machine are different from those for the home machine. Always check which material is compatible with your machine and set it up in the best way to practice quilting. A domestic machine can have the same quality as an industrial machine, with a few differences. In the domestic machine the stitch is slower due to low productivity, having less output and speed. Then, in the industrial machine there may be more possibility of resources for wide production with more practicality.

Whirl Quilt Pattern by On Williams Street 850006257010 - Quilt in a Day /  Quilt Patterns

Mosaic in home decor: Learn how to use mosaics in home decor, to make each room more charming, elegant and much more inviting. Mosaic is an ancient craft technique, which consists in the union of small pieces very close to each other, to form an image, drawing, or differentiated figure, which is visually highlighted in the decoration. This technique was already used by the Greeks in ancient times, and over the centuries it has been taken to other parts of the world. In Brazil, the first reports of its use date from the 19th century on. And its production can be done with the use of various objects, such as ceramic shards, pieces of marble, glass tessellations, plastic, paper, wood, and much more.

Using mosaic for home decoration: Nowadays, mosaic can still be incorporated in the decoration of various rooms around the house, in a charming and very inviting way. It can be used to mount panels on the walls or on the floor, which are made by companies that specialize in mounting this type of decorative conceptual art. You can also choose to buy objects decorated with mosaic, which are sold in stores and websites specializing in decoration. Another tip are the more current mosaics, which include the assembly of geometric figures, 3D wooden panels, vinyl panels, and more. This way using mosaic in your home decor will be a very inviting option, and one that can be incorporated into any environment.


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