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Did you know that using colors in your home decor can have a therapeutic physical and emotional effect? If not, you should know that this relationship even has a name: chromotherapy. Therefore, those who think that decoration is limited to choosing objects to compose a scenario are mistaken. Decorating an environment is investing in the well-being of the people who will occupy that space. And the influence of colors in decoration plays a very important role in this scenario.

This is because they can transmit different energetic vibrations when they are used wisely. In addition, colors also have the power to alter the perception of a space. Thus, it is also possible to interfere with the dimensions of a room and make it appear larger or smaller than it really is. By now you can see that it is important not to underestimate the power of colors in decoration. So if you want to learn how to use this element to decorate your home, read on! Take pen and paper and write down these tips. For today, we’re going to reveal everything you need to know to use, choose, and combine colors in your home decor.

Choosing the colors for the bedroom is a very important task, because they will give the direction to follow for the rest of the decoration. There are many different shades that will be responsible for transmitting your mood, personality, and personal characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful and pay attention to every detail. Do some studies before making a decision, especially regarding the sensory influence they may have on the environment. For example, lighter colors, such as blue, transmit tranquility and peace, while darker shades, such as gray, are able to keep you up at night and help you sleep better. To make things clearer, we have selected an incredible list of inspirations. Check it out!

Wallah! Quilt – Missouri Star Blog

Colors for women’s rooms: The room should reflect the personality of those who will inhabit it. Girls and women have an individuality that overflows and invades the room. For it to be harmonious, the elements and the colors must match what the owner wants to transmit and express.

  1. dark tones for a woman full of personality;
  2. With the wall in dark gray, the furniture and decoration followed a lighter line;
  3. Everything white to bring peace and tranquility;
  4. For a woman with a cheerful and fun personality;
  5. The coloring in lighter shades kept a more tranquil air in the room.
    Personality is the fashion that never goes away, so don’t be afraid to dare and play with the colors you like the most, both on the walls and in the furniture and decorative objects.

Colors for men’s bedrooms: Nowadays, men are over-enthused with design, decoration, and beauty. They seek to keep their homes more comfortable and stylish. The colors follow a line of darker tones, such as blue, gray and black, because they are neutral colors and easier to insert decorative elements, both classic and youthful.

  1. The light walls allowed the use of dark or colored furniture and bedding;
  2. Leave the points of color for some elements;
  3. Well colored and illuminated, is there a better combination?

Colors for the double room: The couple’s bedroom reflects the union of two tastes and is usually a place of rest and tranquility. The colors should seek a sense of peace and serenity and be pleasant to both. The advantage of softer tones is that they allow innovation and irreverence in the choice of accessories and decorative objects.


Wallah! Quilt – Missouri Star Blog

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