Vibrant Ohio Star Quilt

Blue, green, red, yellow, pink, purple… So many colors that create countless possibilities when choosing the color to decorate an environment. Besides being a trend, vibrant shades produce spaces full of personality and boldness. Those who think that the use of many strong shades may not work in decoration are wrong. With the right guidelines it is possible to create a modern, sophisticated, and at the same time harmonious composition. The secret is to find the balance between the colors and the other elements, he says. Whether by painting or applying coatings on the walls with different colors, the alternatives are varied. In the middle of the walls, it is also valid to assign colors to the furniture, a path considered a very interesting option by the designer. The essential of all this alchemy is to convey the individuality of the residents who are passionate about colors, he adds.

Trying to help and reduce the fears that may arise in this process, we prepared a roadmap with six tips that permeate this universe:

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  1. meaning of colors: Before choosing, it is important to understand what sensation is transmitted to each environment. Therefore, I recommend thinking specifically about the rooms in the house and their objective for that place, says Henrique. Since it is a place that demands concentration, the home office requires a mix of neutral tones with, for example, yellow, which stimulates creativity. The bedrooms, on the other hand, demand tranquility and relaxation, so blue and white are indicated. The living room, on the other hand, offers more opportunities to play with colors and translate the residents’ style. The mixture of elements helps to transform and brings joy to the place. In the kitchen, the tip is to use the colorful points in the coating or in the household items.
  2. mix colors with common sense: There is no need to be afraid of using colors in your projects. To avoid exaggeration, the advice is to choose one or two tones that will prevail in the environment and abuse of mixtures in the decoration objects. If blue and green were listed as predominant, the furniture can carry a warmer coloring such as caramel and burnt pink, among others. This way, the contrast will make the space cozier and more pleasant.
  3. Small and large environments: An important aspect to be observed is the size of the room where the colors will be applied. Vibrant shades are perfect for larger spaces, for they give the feeling of welcome. Besides, in an integration of environments, the colors help to separate the areas, such as dining room from living room, and home office from TV room. Every detail is enhanced with the mixture of colors. Although lighter shades are the best friends of environments with reduced usable area, it is not impossible to dare in the painting, as long as a single color is defined. The bathroom, for example, can be all black or gold, and not have an exaggerated décor. In this case, assume the coloration in the covering or in the wallpaper and combine it with the other elements


GO! Vibrant Ohio Star Quilt Pattern - AccuQuilt

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