Tula Pink Hunter’s Star Quilt

Handicraft is a manual technique used to produce objects made from natural raw materials. Usually, handicrafts are made by families, inside their own home or in a small workshop. This technique has been practiced since the ancient period, called the Neolithic, when stones were polished to make weapons and objects for hunting and fishing, pottery to store food, and weaving to make hammocks, clothes and quilts.

From the Industrial Revolution, which began in England, craftsmanship was strongly devalued, it ceased to be so important, since in this capitalist period the work was divided by putting certain people to perform specific functions, and they no longer participated in the entire manufacturing process. In addition, artisans were subjected to terrible working conditions and low pay. This process of labor division was called the assembly line. 5 simple tips to enhance your everyday craftsmanship Forget the creative block: craftsmanship is a job that requires continuous improvement. To help you in this mission, we have gathered 5 tips to enhance your handicrafts. This way, it’s easy to stand out in the market with unique, value-filled pieces:

Ye Olde Sweatshop: Tula Pink Hunter's Star Quilt ... MSQC Style (#99)
  1. Think like an entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship in this area can be understood as defining your differential, establishing a fixed price, and researching the best materials to create your pieces. Not to mention the bureaucratic aspect, such as analyzing the market and developing a business plan. After all, adding value to handicrafts also means planning and knowing the context of your business.
  2. Define the values of your production: There are 2 reasons to value the crafts that you produce:
  • 1st is from all the differentiated attention you bring to the products, with unique finishes and your participation in all the productive stages of the pieces;
  • 2nd is the emotional value of the items. Each one is exclusive – which, in itself, is a differential that no other brand, which produces in series, can simulate. In other words: it is important to define a value that understands this. The time invested, the manufacturing expertise, and the finishing of the piece, which demands more attention than industrialized items, are just a few examples.
  1. Be continuously trained: In any area, specialization is necessary. And, to add value to handicrafts, it is important that you learn more and more new methods and keep developing what you already do. This way, time makes you a versatile craftsman capable of receiving greater demands. Therefore, it is important to invest in new courses, lectures and workshops. This is an investment to improve your work.
  2. Invest in the visual identity of your products: Pay attention, because the visual identity of your business extends beyond the products. After all, when promoting them, it is important that your public is enchanted and, mainly, recognizes them. Another way to add value to your handicrafts is to use differentiated packaging. So, bet on something that refers to your visual identity and, at the same time, speaks well with the item. This detail makes all the difference to create the “DNA of your business” and get closer to your customers.
  3. Keep your focus on the next day: This last tip refers to long-term planning, which translates into looking for inspiration everywhere. Especially for those who work with imagination, it is important to visit fairs and industry events, but also to go to the movies and look for novelties in books and magazines. The secret lies in thinking of the next day as something new, that motivates you to do more and better than you did yesterday. Never forget that, in order to value craftsmanship, settling down is not an option. Now how about sharing this post on your social networks? This way, more colleagues will also learn more about how to value craftsmanship and to reach new opportunities in the profession!


Ye Olde Sweatshop: Tula Pink Hunter's Star Quilt ... MSQC Style (#99)

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