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Necessaires: They are simply necessary! A necessaire is that little bag responsible for carrying everything that is really necessary, but who can define what is necessary and consequently its ideal size? Impossible. What is the ideal size for a purse? The fact is that the necessaire cannot lose its basic function, and for this reason they usually do not vary in an extreme way in size, after all, the items considered fundamental generally do not use much space: medicine tablets, toothbrushes and toothpaste, pads, or even small makeup items, in the case of women. Therefore, the ideal size of a necessityaire is one that meets the need and stores the truly indispensable items for your day to day life.

What should you not forget to put in your travel case? For those who are preparing a travel case, every reminder is valid. Only those who have traveled and forgot that super-important item, or put it in an inappropriate place and ended up damaging the packaging, know how bad it is, and often can even cause a beautiful loss. That is why it is better to make a checklist during the week, so that at the last minute you don’t forget anything. For those who are traveling for the first time, some tips are essential to prepare your travel necessaire successfully, for example: | Anleitung - Trifold Craft Tote - Tim Holtz Eclectic  Elements - MATERIALPACKUNG | ♥ Jetzt günstig kaufen!
  • Medications (especially the manipulated ones): If you take a controlled medicine that is not sold in any pharmacy, it is the first item you need to worry about ensuring in your necessaire. Common medicines can indeed be found in any pharmacy, but medicines prescribed exclusively by your doctor and that have a special composition, have a whole procedure to be acquired and often do not tend to be cheap, so the ideal is not to forget yours.
  • Liquid soap: this is the perfect option for those who are going to spend a few days away, especially when sharing a house with other people. Nothing more unhygienic than sharing soap, and depending on the style of trip (such as retreats or weddings in places), you don’t have to worry about going out to buy it (and even less about how to store it after use).
  • Sunscreen: no matter if your trip is to a cold or hot place, sunscreen is essential, especially facial sunscreen, because UV rays are active all the time. And to avoid the problem of borrowing someone’s sunscreen or the factor being inadequate for your skin type, it’s best to make sure you have your own.
  • Makeup (and liquid remover): some women can’t live without makeup, and many times they are fragile items that simply can’t be stored in standard luggage. Try to save a space for your lipsticks, mascara, brushes, eye shadows and of course, a good remover to use later.
  • Absorbent: another essential item. Although you can buy absorbent in any market or pharmacy, we have previously mentioned trips that have more limited access to stores. Can you imagine being on a farm during a wedding party at night and being unprepared? When in doubt, take it.
  • Personal hygiene: Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, and perfume, we don’t even need to mention them, do we? Items of total priority in your travel necessaire for reasons that are more than obvious.

Which products should not be stored in a vanity case? Almost everything can be stored in a case, except for one thing: food. In general, no type of food is recommended, even those that come in packages, in order not to mix it with the other items of hygiene and personal care, but even if the use of the case is exclusively for storing a snack, it is still not recommended, since the case does not have the same function as a thermal bag, which keeps the temperature of the food preserved.


Nécessaire Patchwork 2 em 1 no Elo7 | Fafa Arte (3A822E)

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