Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bags

Mastering 100% free quilting is not a matter of fashion, trend, or novelty! It is a matter of mastering a technique respected and appreciated by the best quilters in the world! It is a matter of associating solely and exclusively to you the results obtained with your quilting, of being confident and self-sufficient in this art. Of exercising your Quilter Pride! And today we are going to talk a little more about the importance of mastering this quilting technique. First we want to clarify one thing: We are not saying that to be a good professional quilter, you only have to know how to do free quilting.

Quite the contrary, a good professional quilter masters several quilting techniques, knows how to use several tools, and knows how to choose the most appropriate techniques according to the desired result! The big question, above all, is that a real quilter masters free quilting. This technique is the fundamental basis of quilting! It is the gauge, it is what measures whether a person has true mastery of the quilting technique or simply knows how to use a tool.

Knowing how to quilt on a marker is a skill, no doubt about it, we don’t want to belittle anyone’s efforts, people, please! We just want to point out that the real source of quilter pride is free quilting. What makes experts’ eyes light up and professional quilters’ hearts beat stronger, is being able to say: “I made this quilting without any markings and without a ruler! Only with my hands, my mastery, and my patience!”. If you care to completely master free quilting. Really master it: understand, train, vary. The other quilting techniques will be much easier for you to learn! And also much faster! Because free quilting is the fundamental basis for everything in quilting. It is through the evolution of free quilting that we can evaluate the true evolution of a quilter! If you master free quilting, you will have the most profitable, fastest, and most rewarding quilting option on your hands!

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We know that you, by now, understand that we love free quilting! After all, we dedicate our Youtube Channel practically to free quilting only! And the vast majority of our Online Courses at UNIOQS are also free quilting courses. And that’s only because we really believe that this is the best way to master quilting. That’s how we evolved so fast and so skillfully, and that’s why we teach that way! We see all the benefits of fully mastering free quilting daily in our profession! And, most important: we see the difference in our quilting – whatever the technique! Don’t get stuck on techniques that make you dependent on one tool, don’t do that to your quilting! Master the other quilting techniques. Buy a thousand tools and enjoy the possibilities! But never, ever, abandon free quilting! Exercise your quilting pride without fear of being happy!

Believe me, this technique is your best and truest quilting friend! There will always be other techniques for us to explore more, other trends that will delight us, and new tools that will challenge us. But in free quilting we will always have safe and sure options! Step by step, improvement by improvement, you will see how attributing to you all the beauty of your quilting is a great gift you never imagined you could give yourself!


Coats & Clark Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bags in color

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