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Looking for ways to get the little ones away from the screen? Good news: crafts and arts and crafts can be a great entertainment and learning option. They favor both the development of concentration and motor coordination, and contribute to the dexterity of movements. It is not surprising, then, that part of early childhood education is based on the creation of small artistic projects. Through them, colors, shapes, textures, and a world of sensations can be taught. Think that’s all? Expressions are also worked on as a form of communication. But there is no age limit for paints, glues, and other trims to be incorporated into the learning process. The idea of working on small projects, transforming random items into something amazing, increases confidence and exemplifies how it is possible to achieve small achievements with a little effort. One way to work with these issues is in children’s crafts! Understand how artistic activities can foster the development of focus, patience, and resilience in little ones.

The importance of developing children’s concentration: Those who live with children for some time know that, for them, it can be difficult to maintain concentration and focus on a single activity. With a world to discover, the idea of resting on studies or on a toy can be extremely challenging. The good news is that the ability to concentrate, for both adults and children, can be developed. For little ones, in turn, the need to work on focus is even greater. Not sure?

Riley Blake Designs Blog Tour- Strawberry Jam and Free Pattern- The Honey Quilt

How does concentration impact child development? Part of children’s emotional development is learning how to put all their energy into one thing at a time. This is how the little ones will prepare themselves for a more structured life, in which the volume of available stimuli will be even greater – but the degree of responsibility will also increase. A child who has good concentration skills tends to learn more easily. And they are also generally more confident. By being able to focus only on himself, on his own space, on his own thoughts and emotions, external approval stops screaming for attention. The result is the possibility of higher self-esteem. This is how the potential of children’s crafts is revealed! Children with good concentration skills may since have an easier time in the school environment. They may also be able to more easily overcome moments of discomfort, such as boredom due to a cell phone with no battery, or the lack of things to do in a house with no electricity because of heavy rain.

Are there other benefits in children’s handicrafts? Creating art by manipulating trims, recycled and various materials can take children to the fabulous world of imagination. What are the practical impacts on the development of the little ones? Check it out:

  • Improves communication, by allowing expressions in media that go beyond speech and can be recorded with drawings and shapes;
  • Enables problem solving, challenging the mind to discover the best way to combine shapes or pieces;
  • It opens space for thinking outside the box, showing that there is a chance for new ideas that were not previously conceived;
  • Understanding of the world, presenting equipment and materials previously unknown;
  • Improvement of fine motor skills, through the manipulation of the items and the use of support objects (such as scissors);
  • Better social interactions, with the exchanges that can arise from the collaborative work needed to finish a project.


Riley Blake Designs Blog Tour- Strawberry Jam and Free Pattern- The Honey Quilt

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