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What criteria do you use when buying your bedding? What do you take into account, for example, when choosing that nightly sheet or even the mattress protector? If you’ve never asked yourself these questions, you should start thinking about them from now on. Your bedding greatly affects the quality of sleep you get all day and, consequently, your health and performance during the day. Quality sleep should be a habit adopted by everyone, because it ensures the proper functioning of the body and mind, and brings many positive factors that will reflect on the day to day of a healthy life.

Certainly, for a healthy sleep, it is essential to feel comfortable and, because of this, the decoration of the bed assumes a very important role in this task, because, together with a good mattress, it is responsible for transmitting the feeling of comfort for sleep. Do you know the main types of sheets available on the market? Few people realize how important bed linen is for quality of life and well-being. However, factors such as sleep time and quality, as well as good mood upon waking up, are directly influenced by the characteristics of the sheets and bed linen.

Understand what the function of each piece of the bedding set is! Leaving the bed well arranged makes a difference not only in the decor but also in the daily life of many people! And for this to be possible, it is essential to have a good quality bedding set. The main pieces of a complete bedding set are: bottom sheet, top sheet, pillowcase, bedspread, comforter, and blanket. With so many items, you may have wondered what the function of each piece of the bedding set is. Therefore, this Diary of the House post will help you understand how to use them and make your bed more beautiful and comfortable.

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Understand the function of each piece of the bedding:
Bottom sheet – This is the first piece that you put on the mattress and usually comes with elastic to make it easier to handle when you put it on the bed. It is important to choose the model that fits your mattress perfectly, because if it is smaller or larger it will come off easily during the night. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the fabric, since it is the piece you have the most contact with while you sleep. Therefore, opt for cotton models, which are fresher and lighter.
Top sheet – The top sheet, on the other hand, should always be placed on top of the bottom sheet and, usually, there is an indication to partially fold it on the bed cover. It comes with a different pattern on the bed sheet, making sure they match. You can also use it to cover yourself on days that are not so cold.
Pillowcase – Bed sets always come with at least two pillowcases in standard sizes. They can match the prints and colors of the top sheet or the bottom sheet and are made of the same fabric as these pieces.

Coversheet – The bedsheet is the last item to be placed on the bed, because it finalizes the bed’s arrangement and gives it a special touch, making it more beautiful, as in hotels and decoration magazines. You can also use it to cover yourself on warm days.
Quilt – Most bedding sets do not come with a quilt, so this piece needs to be purchased separately. It is important to choose a model that matches the pieces you use on your bed so that the colors match well. They are usually heavier and warmer and should therefore be used on cold days.
Blanket – Blankets add an extra touch to the arrangement of your bed. In addition to being used as a decorative item, they also serve to warm you up on colder days. One way to make your bed more beautiful and cozy is to fold a blanket in half and place it on the lower edge.


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