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Welcome to Craft For The World, ready for yet another incredible standard crochet Stitch of Crochet Polish Star? The standards are increasingly amazing, are you looking for some point or work ?! Look no further this is the perfect job for you! t is gratifying after the end of all the work, you see the beautiful work you have done, it just feels very good and makes you want to continue and grow in this world of crochet crafts. It is a fantastic work and done with the hands, more original impossible, because it requires a lot of technique and dedication and the practice that we get from day to day to make new patterns and practice.

The crochet has been updated and has also become a vintage piece and leaving the look full of style and personality. It is fashionable, in the decorations of the house and not to mention the amigurum that turned fever. Crochet is a well-known hobby type of sewing that also works for those who sell their pieces and earn extra income. It’s a simple thing, but it makes all the difference. So let’s separate our materials and learn a new pattern today.

Today’s crochet pattern is one thing you can do many things, known as Star Stitch Pillow which has its own design, a feature that combines crochet and pillowcases, below is the photo of the pattern on a cushion cover that really looks like lovely. It’s a different and very delicate point because of its X-like design and texture that looks good on baby pillows, bedspreads, sofas or blankets, in fact many things, let your creativity flow because that’s the secret. It really is a unique standard that enchants with its features! Are you also one of those people who have doubts about how to use crochet in decoration? Even though it is a very common craft here, crochet still generates impasses because, most of the time, the pieces are colorful and rich in details. You can rest assured that today we will help you put that favorite crochet in your home decor. Here are our tips: How to use crochet in decoration – Colors, the oldest and most traditional crochet models, especially here in Brazil, tend to be more colorful and present strong contrasts.

However, in recent times it has also become common to use crochet pieces following the Scandinavian style. That is, they usually bring light colors, neutral and absence of details and prints. Regardless of the style of crochet you intend to use in your decoration, it is only important to pay attention to the harmony of the colors present in the pieces and in the rest of the room. A colorful crochet bedspread with flower details, for example, looks great in a room with white walls and floor, so that the bedspread becomes the protagonist of the room. If the intention is to create a more clean and modern aesthetic, prefer crochet pieces with only one color and smooth texture. You can still explore the use of crochet in decoration by creating points of light and contrast. Imagine, for example, an all blue sofa decorated with yellow crocheted pillows?

Shape and size of the pieces – This tip applies especially to crocheted rugs. When using some in the decor try to balance the size of the piece with the dimensions of the environment. A very large room, for example, becomes disproportionate with a small rug. In this case, not to leave the crocheted rug “lost” in the decor, the tip is to take it to an environment where it can stand out. The shape of the crocheted pieces is another important element. In general, round rugs, for example, inspire delicate, romantic, and even childlike decorations. On the other hand, square and rectangular pieces are more modern.


ch – current
sl st – slip point
sc – Simple Crochet
dc – Double Crochet
fdc – Double Crochet Foundation

Here are some instructions, but the written and video walkthroughs are below to make them easier to understand. If you like it, do it now, it’s not complicated. When you practice you will find it an easy and fun project and you can do many things with it. This video that the person correctly makes the same pattern but is in Russian but we can take the pattern and see in the video only the woman’s crochet because the instructions are on the link so we can see how it’s done through a person doing it!!



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