Stained Glass Flowers Blanket

Hello guys, today in Craft For The World brings a beautiful blanket is one of the pieces that cannot be missing at home, especially in winter, there are several models and suggestions for you to make, different colors and details, points of the most varied that can be created a beautiful job, placing beautiful appliqués on flowers, bows, satin ribbons, embroidery and lace that make your cover more beautiful and today we will learn this beautiful pattern of Stained Glass Flowers blanket you will love learning this beautiful pattern. Now know there are creative crochet blanket formats that can be made.

Passionate ideas for you to do not only for the baby’s layette, but also to give to someone or even sell and have extra income.Guys, now let’s run to buy the materials and work, get in the mood and make your Stained Glass Flowers Blanket and see how much we can believe in our special.

A tidy and elegant bed draws sighs from decoration lovers. The bed, without a doubt, is the main item in the bedroom, so it deserves to be highlighted. A bedroom must have all the pieces chosen with care: closet, dresser, bedside table, TV panel, dressing table, bed or headboard, in short … everything must be in harmony to ensure a dream bedroom that transmits tranquility and warmth. We already have some posts about luxurious bedrooms and inspirations for you to check. But, today our subject is: how to use bed sets to make the bedroom impeccable. When the subject is to organize and decorate the bed, several doubts arise, especially which pieces to use and how to arrange the pillows. Continue reading this post to learn how to make an elegant and luxurious bed and get inspired with our tips and pictures. What pieces to use for a perfect bed? First of all let’s differentiate the bedding used in winter and summer, you don’t want to use a blanket in summer, right?!

Let’s evaluate the colors and patterns – In bedding organization, many options are available, you can work on your creativity. The colors chosen for the bedding must harmonize with the room, the walls and the furniture. You can abuse vibrant colors, stripes, arabesques, when your room allows. The fabrics used in pillows and down/blankets can be the same used in the wallpaper or curtains, making the decoration elegant and classic. Pillows: how to use them? One of the cruel doubts at the time of setting up the decoration of the bed, is how to compose pillows, cushions and rolls, this way, we brought an image that numbers 10 ways to set up the decoration. Who uses King bed, can assign columns of three pillows to fill the width of your mattress. A tip: You can adhere to different decoration styles with the way you use the pillows, cushions and rolls. And even set up a weekly decoration, more practical without leaving the glamour aside, and other more elaborate ones for the weekends.

Now that we have learned how to make an impeccable bed, there is nothing more inspiring than to see some environments and adapt them to our home. So let’s get to know these bed wonders! Beds with neutral tones are always luxury items. And we can check a fur headboard being used under the pillows and cushion, as in the picture that illustrated the beds with the setting of the items. Working several colors in the decoration, can make you feel in different environments. This bed with red decoration, brings a bit of passion to the environment. It is worth noting the fold made in the bedspread, pinning it between the mattress and the footboard, showing the turned feet of the bed. What’s to say that an organized and elegant bed doesn’t become inviting for a great night’s sleep?

Below I leave the tutorial of this beautiful pattern in PDF, just follow the correct step by step that will have a beautiful blanket. I hope you enjoy this pattern and until the next pattern.

Pattern PDF Free – Stained Glass Flowers Blanket 

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