Square Knot Quilt

Welcome, it’s great to have you here! LOW-CONTRAST PRINTS SHINE IN THIS STUNNING QUILT, PLAY WITH COLORS AND VALUES TO MAKE IT YOUR OWN! A beautiful palette of low-contrast fabrics brings this eye-catching quilt to life. The play of values and colors, as well as an intriguing design, produce a stunning quilt you’ll be proud to call your own. The unusual design is created entirely from squares and triangles. While it looks complex, the most difficult part may be keeping all of the units organized. Also, consider using starch spray to keep bias edges from stretching out of shape. Once completed, the quilt from Wilmington Prints, is 60″ x 73 1/2″.

Duvet – Came from the French ederdon, which came from the Danish ederduun, eider, formed from eder (eider, a type of sea duck, whose soft and abundant down is used in the manufacture of eiderdowns) + duun (down). There were two failed attempts to avoid the Frenched form of the word duvet. The first was a duvet, which didn’t take because it sounds more like a giant in a children’s story. The second was froxel (from the Catalan fluixell, soft feather of a bird), which didn’t catch either, because no woman likes to say she sleeps with a froxel.

The idea of the quilt came from observing the behavior of the eider, which did not escape the cold in the Scandinavian winter. It stayed in its habitat because it managed to make a very warm nest using its own feathers. Of course, some of them, collected over time, because, even in a warm nest, there is no plucked eider that can withstand a Scandinavian winter.

Crib duvet: Indispensable in baby trousseau

Assembling the baby’s trousseau is one of the most awaited moments of pregnancy, when the family plans every detail with all the care. One of the most important pieces is the crib comforter, which will provide a safe and cozy environment for the new family member to sleep. In addition to contributing to the well-being of the child, who feels protected and welcomed with the accessory, the crib comforter also brings more charm and style to the baby’s room. How to choose a crib comforter? But how to choose the best crib comforter among so many options on the market?

After all, the trousseau has a direct influence on the well-being of the little ones, so parents must pay extra attention. No buying any quilt! It is important to take into account the climatic conditions of the region where the family lives (cold regions require a warmer crib comforter) and also remember to purchase hypoallergenic items that have been specially made for children.

This is very important to prevent allergies. The 100% cotton fabric is a great choice for the crib comforter, as the fabric is breathable and minimizes the chances of the little one having allergies. The crib duvet’s versatility – Lighter and more delicate than a blanket, the crib duvet can be used in a variety of ways, including outside the baby’s room. The piece can accompany the child on car rides, on a visit to grandma’s house and on family trips, bringing the comfort of their little corner at home. Many different models and patterns – The crib duvet is usually part of the crib kit, but the piece can also be purchased separately. Even because you can’t have just one, right? With this, the family can play with different textures and prints, making the baby’s trousseau more charming and original. You can choose plain, colorful, striped, printed, knitted, cotton, patchwork, matelasse, etc. models.


So happy it's done! Square knot by MSQC.: quilting

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