Spring Diamonds Quilt

Are you, by any chance, one of those people who tried to learn Quilting on a stiff cotton cloth, which you never used for anything because you didn’t get the result you expected? So you thought you would never learn Quilting again? That’s because for you to learn real Quilting, you need to Quilting by making pieces, but for that training is not enough! If you want to finish your Patchwork pieces, enhance your creative seams or a simple blank fabric, then you need to learn the correct technique. Only then you will have the SAFETY and COURAGE to enhance your fabrics and become a person recognized by friends, family or studios for knowing Free Quilting!

CURIOSITY: What does patchwork mean? Is it the same thing as patchwork? What is quilt? Literally, in English, the term “patchwork” means patchwork, where pieces of fabric are sewn together to form a pattern. Splicing patches together does not mean that you will end up with a wonderful, complete work of Patchwork. Sewing patches is only one of the activities that make up the art of patchwork. Patchwork is a form of embroidery that involves the stitching of pieces of fabric into a larger design. And this design is usually based on repeated patterns constructed from different shapes of fabric (which can be different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes that make it easy to join. Although patchwork has its origins in the desire to use scraps of fabric or rework old clothes, it has evolved into an art form in many countries around the world. Some very beautiful examples of patchwork can be seen in museum collections, or in private homes, where quilts can be passed down through several generations.

People are often confused about what is patchwork and quilting. Both are border techniques that allow us to create products from a variety of elements. However, in each case, different methods can be used. So what is the difference between quilting and patchwork? Patchwork is a technique that consists of connecting multicolored or knitted fragments of fabric into a single band. Quilting, on the other hand, is the creation of a multi-layered quilted product with a decorative surface, done using different sewing techniques. Comparing the two concepts, it should be noted that patchwork as a separate technique, which uses a different technique, and quilting is a harmonious combination of various sewing techniques (the products obtained in this case have the name, i.e. quilts).

Patchwork and quilting are very old handicrafts. The first evidence of this type of work dates back to 3400 B.C. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs already used clothes made from fabric scraps, to be worn under iron armor and quilts. In the middle ages, patchwork and quilt spread throughout Europe – England, Italy, France, and Germany . They were used for banners, flags, panniers, and war vests. In the 18th or 19th century, it was taken to North America and different styles were created in each region. Thus began an exchange of patterns, and this art became a community art with social gatherings, where women would gather to work together, thus sharing the problems, the creations, and participating in the formation of many generations. Sometimes they told, through appliqu├ęs and drawings, stories about their childhood; they portrayed a charm or a good memory. And, combined with the quilt – the act of sewing between two fabrics to form a volume – Patchwork proved to be even more special.


Spring Diamonds Quilt Tutorial | Create a diamond quilt with beautiful floral fabrics that are perfect for spring with this tutorial from Flamingo Toes! fabric.com Blog

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