Speedwell Quilt

SHOWCASE YOUR FAVORITE FABRICS IN THIS LOVELY QUILT, TWO REPEATED BLOCKS AND A LAYER CAKE MAKE A BEAUTIFUL QUILT! Two easy-to-make quilt blocks combine to great effect in this homey quilt. The soft fabrics evoke spring breezes, making this a wonderful quilt to display during cold winter months, or all year around. The designer, Nicola Dodd from CakeStand Quilts, chose a layer cake pack of 10″ squares as the basis of her quilt. The green border fabric sets off the other fabrics beautifully. Thirty 10″ squares of fabric (part of a layer cake) were used. While we love the colors of Nicola’s quilt, we can easily imagine it made up in several other colorways.

The large blocks mean the fabrics you choose will be beautifully showcased. Plus, you’re sure to have fun concocting your own version of this lovely quilt. The finished quilt is 54” x 72”, perfect for a lap quilt to drape over the back of the sofa. The quilt’s overall pattern and block structure is clearly illustrated in this image. Patchwork is a technique that involves the craft of joining varied patchwork pieces, composing various mixtures of colors, shapes, and designs. This expression, literally translated into Portuguese, means ‘patchwork’ or as it is popularly known, ‘quilt of Grandma’. The patchwork is the element that is located in the upper sphere of the handiwork; in the middle is the filling, i.e., the acrylic blanket, and under the whole, which results in the quilt, is the lining.

Quilting Land: Speedwell Quilt

Quilting is a very complex subject and although many people say it is very difficult to learn. It is a technique that if one person can do it, you can too! The secret is to practice, practice, and practice a lot. So let’s start, right! In fact, we have to understand what Quilting is for. Quilting is used to join the three layers: top, blanket, and lining. But when we quilt too much the piece, it will be a firm piece that is not as comfortable to sleep on. Therefore, when we are going to work with children’s pieces we should quilt as little as possible, to make a piece more cozy. So, this is one thing that we have to think about before we quilt a garment.

We also have hand quilting which, although time consuming, is preferred by most, especially those who do traditional quilting. For quilting use special threads. On the market you can find a range of brands and colors and prices, of course! I love the embroidery threads. Besides being shiny, they are very resistant. We can choose threads in the same color as the fabric or contrasting colors are also beautiful. I particularly like the white thread. I like it to stand out in the work. To start quilting you must have some accessories such as a seam ripper, scissors, a quilting glove that will help your hand not to slip. Another thing that helps a lot when quilting is to have an extension table and some silicone spray to help your work glide better. You can also use a safety pin or a normal pin with a small piece of EVA on the end so it doesn’t hurt. These resources are very helpful when quilting, however, if the work is for a baby do not use spray glue to avoid the risk of causing allergies.


Speedwell Quilt

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