Snowflake Afghan Crochet

Hello people who follow our website, did you know that these snowflakes are like beautiful ice flowers! And the Snowflake Afghan Crochet is a classic Christmas every year. Today, the patterns we will learn for free in Christmas crochet are what make the holiday season. This snowflake crochet pattern is also the perfect reflection of a winter wonderland. We used a half crochet sock to get these cool hexagonal motifs. When all your friends and family are on vacation, they are certainly competing for this amazing cool crochet blanket pattern.

Snowflakes are the greatest representatives of winter around the world, with the exception of a few countries, such as Brazil. Moreover, they maintain the perfect balance between something simple, beautiful, and extremely grand and dangerous, such as when in a snowstorm. When analyzed separately, for example, they are unique and at the same time complex. Although they are different from each other, their formation is similar. In other words, they all form in the same way. Do you, by the way, know how this happens?

Secrets of the World tells you right now. First of all, it all begins with a speck of dust. As it floats through the clouds, it ends up being enveloped by the water vapor present in the clouds. Consequently, this union forms a tiny drop, which is transformed into an ice crystal thanks to the low temperatures. Each crystal therefore has six faces, in addition to the top and bottom.

Ravelry: Snowflake Afghan pattern by Lois Olson

In addition, a small cavity forms on each face. This is because ice forms faster near the edges. Therefore, as the ice forms faster in this region, the cavities cause the corners of each face to grow in size faster. Thus, the six sides that make up the snowflakes are formed. Each snowflake, therefore, is unique. Above all, all its lines and textures are formed due to the irregularities present on the surface of the ice crystal. Moreover, the hexagonal appearance appears because water molecules chemically bond to each other in this geometric shape. Therefore, when the temperature drops to – 13° C, the ice spikes continue to increase. Then, when it gets even colder, at – 14° C and so on, the little branches start to appear on the sides of the arms. As the flake comes into contact with warmer or colder air, the formation of these ramifications becomes more pronounced. So too does the elongation of the ends of its branches or “arms”. And this is how the appearance of each flake becomes unique.

Did you know that this pattern that we are going to learn today fits perfectly at any time of the year, but it is most used at Christmas time. Although it is a beautiful pattern it is a great gift idea for friends, family (any type of person who receives this gift will love it). This beautiful pattern of decoration makes the house very cozy and can be placed in various places in the house, such as on your sofa or even on the bed, it is just too beautiful. And the colors also vary depending on the taste, but the traditional ones for making this beautiful pattern are usually blue with white, but you can use your color preference and use your creativity. We cannot deny that this type of cover is different; so if you want something different, it fits in very well! good work. This beautiful crochet blanket that we will learn is the peak demand for crochet lovers who love a beautiful pattern, but of course we cannot deny how beautiful they are, as well as being warm and cozy, which makes it the perfect combination to make your most beautiful home.

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