Shimmer Braid Quilt

Ready to start a new pattern?! You will definitely love this one, it’s just perfect and innovative! CREATE A STUNNING QUILT THAT SHIMMERS WITH COLOR, YOU’LL BE PROUD TO CALL THIS QUILT YOUR OWN! Intricate piecing and inspired color choices make this quilt one you’ll be very proud to call your own. All the elements are simple to piece. Just be as accurate as possible so everything fits together nicely. The quilt is stunning in any closely coordinated color theme. Gradations of color impart a shimmer to the quilt. Batiks are lovely, although other low-contrast prints will be as well. Instructions are provided, by designer Deana from Dreamworthy Quilts, for an 86″ x 96″ Queen sized quilt and a 70″ x 70″ Throw.

It is already known that colors influence people’s perception of spaces. With the double room this would be no different. Think about it this way, if you can be the kind of person who associates rosy tones to feminine decor and bluish tones to masculine. What would you say if you saw a double bed with textile items in one of these colors? Can you say that the atmosphere of romance between you and your partner would prevail?

Often, when the partners are newlyweds, one of the two – especially the woman – decides to choose a set of bedding at the store alone. Of course, it only takes into account your preferences. The problem is that, in this case, the person makes the mistake of forgetting that he is married. That is, that she should choose items that are consistent with the taste and personality of both individuals.

Create a Stunning Quilt That Shimmers with Color - Quilting Digest

Decorators generally recommend that people choose, for couples’ rooms, duvets, bedspreads, sheets, pillowcases and other items with a neutral look. Colors such as beige and gray are the ones that have the least impact on the decor. But of course you can opt for more colorful and warm tones – even to warm up the relationship. But even so, the ideal is always to give priority to off-whites. Floral prints add romance to the room. Striped prints are more sober. Be careful when choosing one or the other for your bed linen! Study the options carefully! Make sure these pieces don’t compete with other items in the bedroom, such as wallpaper, curtains, rugs and more!

There are bedding models made from many different materials. The most recommended are those made in cotton or tergal – and the more threads you have the better. They are perfect for use any time of year; in addition to soft, absorbent and non-allergenic. But, of course, there are other types more. For summer, you have, for example, linen and satin – preferably cotton or silk. Both fabrics are delicious to the touch. They are soft and flexible. Also fresh and absorbent.

The difference is that the second one can be difficult to match with the decor, as it has a matte and a glossy side. In contrast, this is what gives the sophisticated look to the couple’s bedroom. For other seasons. You can use flannel or wool bedding, in addition to microfiber. Type one is made from natural fibers. Type two is made of synthetic fibers – usually polyester or polyamide, which have an appearance and qualities almost identical to cotton. Both sets of pieces, depending on the case, can be light and resistant – and always very, very hot.


Create a Stunning Quilt That Shimmers with Color - Quilting Digest

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