Scrappy Posie Baby Quilt

Get to know the patchwork cutting base and find out how to use this tool! The patchwork cutting base is a very useful and flexible accessory that serves as a base for those who cut materials making this type of crafts, see? In other words, it stands between the table and the fabric or paper. Do you want to understand more about this craft article? Then come with me and I’ll tell you! What is the cutting base for? Look, it is ideal for when you are using a workbench or need a support surface for the material, or a template when cutting. And it has two main functions: to protect the table or chair that is underneath the piece from scratches, and to help you make a perfect cut. Do you want other advantages? This accessory also gives blades and cutters a lot of strength, since you don’t have to force them. It even makes it safer to work, right? Ah, the cutting base can also be used for scrapbooking and cardboard!

The models of cutting bases: Now you can find some types. One of the details that must be taken into account when choosing is the size, which must be similar to the material you are going to cut, see? There are three models that help a lot: the 45cm x 30cm, or centimeters, are great for cutting medium-sized pieces, such as A4 and A3. The ones measuring 60cm x 45cm are good for slightly larger productions, such as pillowcases, bedspreads, and other fabric products. It is an ideal option for A2 size cuts. And the 90cm x 60cm models provide one of the widest working areas, okay? Perfect for cutting pieces equivalent to A1 size. Awesome!

Scrappy Posie Mini Quilt - Bonjour Quilts

Now, some other points still divide the cutting bases. Check some of them out:

  • The material of most is PVC – It’s that it is suitable for work with cutting tools, since it has the ability not to spoil after light cuts.

A tip: choose rubberized bases. They give greater precision when cutting and last a long time. Take a look at the product description to check this, okay?

  • The double-sided base has some advantages – it can be used both for the front and back of the cut. These can be used on both the front and the back. One of the benefits is that you can use them for longer! So, if one side gets scratched, just turn the other side and you’ll find a new one. You can also count on a resource to facilitate the day to day: bet on types with different measurements on each side. For example, one marking can be in centimeters, and the other in inches!

How to use the cutting bases? The cutting base is flat and has several lines standing and lying down, which serve to align the material to be cut, which can be fabric, paper, plastic, EVA, or laminates, for example. And together with the cutting base, you can use rulers, for example, and also cut with different instruments, such as scalpels, stylets, and circular cutters. You can make the perfect cut with it, you know? After aligning the material on the lines of the cutting base, you can cut with precision and create a pattern if you want to repeat it on several objects. In other words, it serves as a template.


Scrappy Posie - a free baby quilt pattern - Bonjour Quilts

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