Scrap Baskets Quilt Block Pattern

For Quikt For Lovers patchwork lovers, give them a pattern that will have fun with those of a large size quilt block. The blocks end at 15 “x 15”, so it doesn’t take long to sew enough to create a bed quilt, especially if you place the blocks on the stitch and separate them with a simple adjustment Scrap Baskets Quilt Block Pattern, like Snowball.

The quick-assemble square triangle units make up the majority of this scrap basket, with rectangles and a few unique triangles completing the mix.

The quilt block comes together easily when you use quick shipping techniques in your assembly. Follow the instructions to make two wastebasket blocks and repeat to create more, this pattern is perfect for all levels of quilters!

Basket Quilt Block Cutting Chart

The straight grain should run parallel to the outer edges of squares and rectangles.

Light Background Fabric

  • Seven 3-7/8″ squares
  • One 6-7/8″ square
  • Four 3-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ rectangles

Med-light Background

  • Three 3-7/8″ squares

Dark for Outer Flower Tips

  • Seven 3-7/8″ squares, scrappy variety from your stash

Medium Dark for Inner Flower Tips

  • Six 3-7/8″ squares, scrappy variety from your stash; values can vary slightly for interest

Dark for Basket Base & Legs

  • One 9-7/8″ square
  • Two 3-7/8″ squares

Sew Triangle Square Units for the Basket Quilt Block

How to Make Half Square Triangle Units:
  1. Pair each of the seven light background squares with a dark square of the same size. Pair each of the three medium light squares with three medium dark squares of the same size.
  2. Use my scrappy quick pieced triangle-square method to sew and then cut apart each pair, producing 20 triangle square units that measure 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″.
  3. Cut each of the three remaining 3 7/8″ medium-dark squares in half once diagonally to produce six triangles.
  4. Cut the 9-7/8″ basket base square in half once diagonally, then do the same with the dark basket leg squares.
  5. Cut the 6-7/8″ light background square in half once diagonally.
Scrap Basket Quilt Block Pattern
  1. Arrange three medium-light/medium-dark triangle square units into three rows, then place the medium-dark single triangles at the ends of rows as shown above (these triangles are illustrated as somewhat lighter than triangles in half-square triangle units – yours might not be as light, and that’s fine). Sew components of each row together.
  2. Press seam allowances in adjoining rows in opposite directions, then join the rows. Press the new seams toward the lighter triangles.
  3. Matching all sides carefully, sew the basket base to the pieced unit along the longest edge. If the pieced section is slightly smaller than the base or is skewed, see if a careful pressing will bring it into shape.
  4. Sew three light/dark half-square triangle units in a vertical row as shown. Press seam allowances toward the darker triangles. Sew the row to the left side of the basket unit, matching seam intersections carefully.
  5. Sew four light/dark triangle-squares in a horizontal row as shown. Attach to the top edge of the base unit, pressing seam allowances in adjoining rows in opposite directions. Be sure to match seam intersections carefully. Press the new unit.

Finish Sewing the Scrap Basket Quilt Block

Scrap Basket Quilt Block

Congratulations, be happy! You are almost done sewing the basket quilt pad, nothing is impossible if you try!

  1. Sew a triangle of the basket leg at the end of two bottom rectangles, forming a pair of mirror images, as shown above. Press the stitching edges towards the triangles.
  2. Sew the units from Step 1 on the right side and at the bottom of the block. Press seams toward the new units.
  3. Finish the basket quilt block by sewing the long edge of a light-bottomed triangle on the lower right edge of the block. Center it carefully before sewing. Press the seam allowance towards the larger triangle.
  4. Use the remaining pieces to make another patchwork block.

Cut additional sets of fabric to make additional wastebasket blocks.

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