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What criteria do you use when buying your bedding? What do you take into account, for example, when choosing that nightly sheet or even the mattress protector? If you’ve never asked yourself these questions, you should start thinking about them from now on. Your bedding greatly affects the quality of sleep you get during the day and, consequently, your health and performance during the day. Quality sleep should be a habit adopted by everyone, because it ensures the proper functioning of the body and mind, and brings many positive factors that will reflect on the day to day of a healthy life.

Certainly, for a healthy sleep, it is essential to feel comfortable and, because of this, the decoration of the bed assumes a very important role in this task, because, together with a good mattress, it is responsible for transmitting the feeling of comfort for sleep. Do you know the main types of sheets available on the market? Few people realize how important bed linen is for their quality of life and well-being. However, factors such as sleep time and quality, as well as good mood upon waking up, are directly influenced by the characteristics of the sheets and bedding. The good news is that it is possible to balance cost, function and aesthetics when purchasing a quality product. Check out our tips:

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Sleeping well is quality of life! Sleeping time allows us to recover our spirits, recharge our energies, and several other actions that are indispensable for good health. But to keep this cycle in perfect harmony, more care is needed besides a good night’s sleep – however, starting with good hours of sleep means that the rest has everything to go well. However, sleeping the indicated amount of hours a day will not be so effective if the mattress of the bed is not in good condition or is not suitable to the needs of each individual. That’s why it’s always necessary to check the condition of the current mattress and replace it when it no longer serves its purpose properly.

Besides the mattress, the choice of the adequate pillow is another determining item to achieve quality sleep, besides other items that also play an important role at this moment. It may not seem like it, but the arrangement of the bed and the decorative items, such as blankets, sheets, comforters, pillows and a good headboard, contribute to convey a greater feeling of comfort when it’s time to rest. The right sheet for the right night and the guaranteed quality of sleep! Distinguishing the characteristics and advantages of the various types of sheet need not be a complicated task. The quality of the fabric and the weave are among the main factors to be observed, but there are other important aspects such as the need for maintenance and durability of the pieces. For this reason, Fyne has prepared this article about types of sheets so that you can make the right choice.

Learn how to choose quality sheets and correctly evaluate their characteristics with our tips! Types of sheet: How to choose? Not sure about the differences between the various types of sheets? The assembly of the bed and table layette usually generates doubts, even among the most experienced homeowners. However, the time invested in the research and acquisition of a good product is reflected in more quality of life and improved health in general. After all, there is nothing like waking up to your routine after a good night’s sleep. Those who are looking for information about types of sheets and their advantages need to pay attention to the number of threads and the type of fabric. These factors have a direct influence on the durability and maintenance needs of the sheets.


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