Red Heart Tweedle Doo Knit Blanket

This cheerful blanket is a lot easier to knit than you may think! Here, a combination of knit and slipped stitches, commonly referred to as ‘Mosaic Knitting’, work together to create this eye-catching blanket. We’ve combined a solid color of Red Heart Super Saver with a vibrant striping shade, to achieve the beautiful colorwork on this pattern. It’s a gorgeous blanket that looks a lot more advanced than it is, making it a satisfying project for knitters of all levels. It is said that crochet art has prehistoric origins, and it is not known exactly how it arose, but it is said that the technique has French origins, and over time it has spread to other countries, until it became a symbol of craftsmanship throughout the world. In other words, the technique is really old and is part of the culture of several peoples.

Crochet is a totally manual technique and is passed on from generation to generation. Those who perform the work need skill and patience to develop handicrafts made only with thread and needle. Usually, those who practice handicrafts have learned from their grandmothers, mothers, or have taken a professional course. Considered to be a timeless item, crochet in decoration can warm up the winter, add texture to environments, renew the look of a piece of furniture, or simply give a retro touch to a space. Crochet is handmade and its handmade characteristic is perfect to guarantee a much more personalized, cozy, and charming decoration. In addition to these characteristics, you may have memories of the crocheted towels that used to charm your grandmother’s house, and therefore, you may want to relive this memory in your decoration.

Red Heart Tweedle Doo Knit Blanket Pattern | Yarnspirations
  • Always take into consideration the color of your sofa: To make the decoration harmonious, the sofa needs to have a shade that highlights this blanket. Sofas in colors such as beige, light brown, white favor blankets with cool tones.
  • Play with colors: You like relaxed and light-hearted environments. Blue is an incredible color to bring an atmosphere of tranquility to the place. And if you already have a room with some blue details, the blanket will fit perfectly in the context of this environment.
  • Eye on the hue: cool colors bring the incredible possibility of different nuances and contrasts. Perfect for those who like variety and options. However, the key tip in this case is for people who already have a blue sofa. In which it can be interesting to play with the various shades and contrast. Leaving the environment super chic and with a monochrome style full of personality.

Pink An optimistic and cheerful color, the pink blanket goes very well with those who are looking for a delicate blanket. After all, depending on the tone it can leave the room with a mega cute style. And don’t worry if you don’t identify yourself with vibrant pink blankets, for example. After all, pink can have shades for all tastes, ranging from light pink, baby pink to aged pink! How about a beautiful and very sunny touch in your living room. The yellow blankets are a great choice to make the room more vibrant and modern. White sofas or even rooms decorated in neutral colors become even more cheerful with this style of blanket. After all, yellow is a shade that transmits prosperity, light, and good vibes. Yellow is a stimulating shade that arouses positive emotions in those who come into contact with it. Blankets in this color can therefore be an ideal suggestion to give a more optimistic touch to your decor! Why not combine these colors in just one blanket! Use your imagination, your skills, and have fun.


Red Heart Tweedle Doo Knit Blanket Pattern | Yarnspirations

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