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Besides the stunning American home decorations, the USA is also well known for its Christmas traditions. Those who follow movies and series will have seen the Christmas choir singing at their door, the custom of hanging stockings or stocking-shaped bags on the mantelpiece for Santa to leave little gifts. And the exchange of gifts around the fireplace with the whole family gathered around it. And not to mention the famous Christmas sweaters with reindeer prints, Santa Claus, snowmen and snowflakes, Christmas trees, and flashing lights.

And now, another novelty that has also conquered the Brazilians and gained its space among the games of this date celebrated all over the world is Elf on the shelf. Come on, I’ll tell you all about it! It all started in 2004 back in the land of Uncle Sam when Carol Aerersold and Chanda Bell, mother and daughter, published a colorful book full of rhymes that tells how Santa Claus finds out if the children are behaving well or not. And do you know who has this mission?

In the U.S. is sold the kit (book + stuffed elf) all in a cute little box. In the copy tells the story of the elf and encourage children to choose a name for him, choose the colors he will have only then the magic begins. And after these beings gain their powers they stay on a shelf, and can not be touched, there they observe the behavior of the little one.

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The Elf on the shelf is a game that has been growing here in the United States that I particularly find very cool, it’s kind of recent if I’m not mistaken started in 2004 and more and more families are taking this custom to your home. The Elf is similar to a fairy that Santa Claus sends to our house on December 1st and he stays until December 24th to help Santa keep an eye on the children so that they behave and get their Christmas presents. Every house has an Elf and each one has a name (the children or the parents can choose a name), the one here at home is Spyke, the Elf’s mission is to keep an eye on the children all day long (the children can’t touch him) and at night he goes to the North Pole to take a report to Santa and comes back, so when the new day dawns he is already somewhere else in the house. During this month the parents’ mission is every night to change the Elf’s place and then most of the time the Elf finds himself in a funny scene that the children enjoy, and this helps to keep the child behaved. It’s great fun here at home and the kids love it, but I’ve heard reports of kids who are afraid or people who don’t like this whole Elf around the house thing.

Another curiosity is that here Christmas is celebrated only on December 25, the 24th is a normal day, but then on the 25th the children wake up at dawn (5:00 am) to open their presents…and as there are gifts, each one makes their own list and you can be sure that they get everything they want, I was lucky enough to have a good Host Family that asked me to make my list too. (I can’t wait to open my presents) The month of December is magical here, all day long there is Christmas music in the house, the kids are always singing or telling Christmas stories, it’s a wonderful climate and to make it perfect everyone expects Snow. And I could not fail to mention that the dream of many is to spend Christmas in New York. Everyone wants to see the famous tree at Rockefeller Center, to go ice skating, and to experience a movie set. New York is beautiful any time of the year, but this date enchants me so that’s where I’m going, and of course I’ll come back to tell you more about this experience.


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