Red Heart Sage Stitch Long Cardigan

It’s long and relaxed with a hint of sparkle, for this tasty crochet jacket. It works easily using the Red Heart Hygge Charm, which gives the garment an added touch thanks to a subtle sparkle that you’ll love. This garment exudes elegance with a sophisticated air of charm that makes it an extra-ordinary creation. The cardigan is considered a joker piece because it is versatile, classic, and timeless. It is women’s darling and an ally when it comes time to innovate, as it presents countless combinations.

The crochet cardigan is a piece that cannot be missing as an option in women’s closets and closets. Although it is a piece that is worn more often in cold weather, crochet allows a more open weave for warmer days. There are so many different models that it is impossible not to find a perfect cardigan for your casual look or for your social outfit.

This item is extremely versatile and crochet only enhances this feature, allowing for many different weaves and textures. The cardigan emerged as a piece of men’s clothing in the mid-19th century; made of wool, it was worn by British army officers and named after the Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenell of Wales. Brudenell was military in the Crimean War, and felt uncomfortable inside his regulation pullover, and sewed his own cardigan. Curious, isn’t it? I bet you never thought that this piece would come from the 19th century and was inserted in men’s looks. Today, they are worn by women for modern looks, for any occasion, in several styles, colors, and even prints. The cardigan became part of the feminine look in the 1920s, when Coco Chanel decided to insert the piece in women’s daily life. After all, the piece itself appears in a British military context as a men’s garment and in honor of the Earl of Cardigan, James Thomas Brudenel.

The long or maxi cardigan is a trend for the fall/winter season, and makes any look elegant and modern. These days that dawn cooler, or when the air conditioning in the office is stronger, always call for a third piece, and replacing the jacket or the blazer for the maxi cardigan is a new fashion concept that pleases any type of feminine style. They can be Have the length below the hip or up to the ankle; are light pieces full of movement; are elegant and very charming; raise a more modern look when added to the look; and can be used in both a more casual and a more social look. Cardigan or Cardigan? – There are places that spell “cardigan” and in others “cardigan”, but the pronunciation is the same and refers to the same piece. The original piece is spelled “cardigan,” which was a wool garment buttoned at the front.

Crochet cardigans are a trend for the summer, and are an indispensable piece to be worn also as a beach or pool outing, giving a mega stylish look to the composition of the swimsuit or bikini. Moreover, mixed in this composition, it is a useful, sophisticated and at the same time, sexy piece. The crochet maxi cardigan is also beautiful in colder days, to give that cozy look and raise the temperature. With collars, they are even warmer. They are also good allies in mid-season days, where there is a need for a coat for the end of the day, without being heavy or something that hinders the movement. I imagine that you don’t think of wearing this type of cardigan with a skirt or jeans shorts. But make no mistake: it looks amazing, and is often used as a third piece, joining fashion and practicality.


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