Red Heart Rainbow Road Crochet Scarf

A winter look wins many points in terms of style when it is complemented by a beautiful scarf. There are countless possibilities of tieings and combinations. Many people don’t know exactly how to use the scarf with a different tie. The accessory is simple, but can give a complete makeover to your look. Fall has just arrived and if you are the kind of person who is already thinking about cold weather looks, there is an accessory that complements the look very well – the scarf. And a common question is how to wear a scarf. After all, the piece is an accessory, but it can add value to your look. And if you’re just waiting for tips on how to wear a scarf to get the pieces out of the closet and start including the accessory in your look, it’s time to learn how to use and rescue the pieces in the closet.

How to wear a scarf with a jacket – When it comes to combining your scarf with a jacket, there is not much mystery! Whether it is a leather jacket, maxitricot, work blazer, parka… the watchword for this winter look is coziness. The warmer you feel, the better! If you want to go for style, just combine a plaid or striped scarf with a plain coat. Animal print is also a hit when the rest of the look is basic! But if the color of the coat is more eye-catching, invest in a more discreet scarf… Another good bet is to wear the same color coat and scarf and create a monochromatic look.

Red Heart Rainbow Road Crochet Scarf | Yarnspirations

How to fold a scarf – There are countless possible ways to tie a scarf. Just by looking at some pictures you can already get an idea of how to make the fold that suits your mood on different occasions. If it is cold, you can choose to fold the scarf around your neck. But if the day is cool, you can wear it open, just to enhance the look. How to store a scarf in your closet – The scarf is a delicate piece of clothing that, if not properly stored in the wardrobe, soon causes a big mess. Therefore, there are practical and inexpensive ways to store them. This is important even to preserve the garment and leave it in good condition for longer. For those who like a well-organized closet, there are plastic hooks. You can fit several on a hanger and hang your scarves easily. But if you don’t want to spend money, you can choose one hanger and make a simple lashing with several scarves lined up next to each other.

Surely you have been faced with a color-matching dilemma. The lack of knowledge about colors can lead us either to make extremely loaded combinations, or not to risk it and keep always the same shades. Many people don’t know, but the secret of combining colors is called the Chromatic Circle, or Color Circle. Getting to know the chromatic circle – According to color theory, there are three primary colors, which are: Red, blue and yellow. All other colors come from these three shades. The color wheel helps in combining clothing colors and creating harmonious productions. The chromatic circle helps in the combination of clothing colors and in creating harmonious productions. From the junction of two primary colors we have the secondary colors, which are green, orange and violet. The color that is produced by mixing three primary colors is called the tertiary color. The complementary colors, on the other hand, are the shades that contrast in the chromatic circle, that is, they are opposites.


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