Red Heart Rainbow Chic Throw

The use of colors is a procedure that beautifies and harmonizes environments. Reflecting diverse styles, they attract the right energies depending on how they are chosen and used. This therapeutic relationship is known as chromotherapy, in which colors have different energetic vibrations and propagate in the environment, acting on the organs of the human body, restoring important qualities for people’s lives. Besides this, they also change the perception of spaces; the same object or environment gains different dimensions and sensations when painted with different colors. Considering these aspects, below are tips for making a good choice of colors for interior decoration. Also, learn about the Chinese technique of Feng Shui, which analyzes the benefits of energy flow present in different environments.

The power of colors in the decoration of your home – There are no standardized perceptions, each context determines different theories and symbologies about colors. Experience and preferences are very important during the choosing process, because there are no absolute rules, but suggestions for good decoration.

Red Heart Rainbow Chic throw | Yarnspirations
  • White in the composition of the decor: White is widely used and is associated with peace, calm, and cleanliness, and is considered a neutral shade. Its application is indicated for the most varied environments, however, it requires combination with other colors because “in excess can create an impersonal atmosphere”, adds Jaqueline Watanabe. Colored pictures and furniture are great for breaking this monotony.
  • Yellow in home decoration: Coming from light, yellow encourages communication, stimulates the intellect, and whets the appetite, and is suitable for dark environments in conjunction with good lighting. Light tones are neutral and strong tones require care so that the stimuli are not exaggeratedly provoked, resulting in sensations of confusion and friction. The interior designer Jaqueline Watanabe also recommends it for leisure and living areas.
  • Orange tones in the environment: Orange is linked to intellect and courage, in the right doses it stimulates creativity, senses and communication. It is indicated for environments where communication and dialog are desired, such as living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens, as well as in corporate offices, stimulating creativity. Its excess causes too much conversation and disagreements, and it is not indicated for bedrooms because it is a very stimulating color.
  • Blue tones in decorating environments: Associated with the element of water, blue encourages people to meditation and internalization, this is because it decreases the heart and respiratory rate, being indicated for environments that seek the transmission of calm, tranquility and privacy. “It is recommended for bedrooms, relaxation spaces, and study environments,” comments Jaqueline. As for the care regarding its application, its excess causes sleepiness, sadness, and anguish.
  • The color purple in decorating environments: Alternating between the exotic and the erotic, Jaqueline Watanabe also highlights purple with attributions related to introspection and spirituality. Considered as a strong and striking tone, its application is more indicated for details, because in larger portions (such as whole room walls) it suggests vulgarity.
  • Green tones in the environments: Green is associated with organic elements such as flowers, plants and wood. Symbol of life, growth, hope, and satisfaction, it stimulates people’s health and well-being. Refreshing, in light tones it is indicated for environments that seek calm and the strongest tones raise the energy, however, its excessive use also causes a feeling of oppression. The interior designer Jaqueline Watanabe recommends green for waiting and meeting areas.


Red Heart Rainbow Chic throw | Yarnspirations

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