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THE INFLUENCE OF COLORS IN OUR DAILY LIVES: Using the right colors on the walls of your home or work environment can result in more happiness, health, mood, optimism and productivity. Did you know that colors can provide a better quality of life for you and your family? We usually do not stop to think about this subject, but the influence of colors on people has been more than proven by several studies. Using the right shades on the walls of your home or work environment can result in more happiness, health, mood, optimism, and productivity. DO YOU KNOW CHROMOTHERAPY? According to the principles of Chromotherapy, a practice that uses colors for therapeutic purposes, each color has a function and acts on our body, mind, and emotions.

When a person is under the effect of the most diverse shades, his eyes capture these colorful stimuli and transmit them to the brain, which can act by releasing substances that influence biological functions and mood. “Colors stimulate the nervous system and act on people’s physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual well-being. In fact, all living beings have this connection with colors, even plants. They benefit, for example, from the sun’s rays in order to develop”, says naturologist Paula Cristina Ischkanian, who is a doctor in Science (USP) with emphasis in Public Health and a university professor. That is why, according to the specialist, when it comes time to paint the walls of the house, one should think about the purpose of each environment.

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The person must ask himself: what sensation or emotion do I want to stimulate? For example, if he/she is going to paint a study room, a good option is to use the color yellow, which is linked to wisdom and stimulates concentration. But if a family is overweight and wants to reduce their appetite, it is not advisable to apply an orange color on the kitchen wall, because this color stimulates it. I believe that the house is like a small temple, in the sense that it is a place where the inhabitant seeks peace, happiness and well-being. So, it is important to use the colors in a favorable way”, Paula highlighted. Anxious people should bet more on cool colors, such as green and lilac, which calm down and transmit warmth, while those who suffer from depression can use warm colors in some environments, such as red and orange, which are more vivid, cheerful, and stimulate enthusiasm.

“Each color has a range of action. I have cases of interactors (patients) who treated depression with integrative and complementary health practices through Naturology, including chromotherapy, and obtained great results. This has also occurred in cases of hypertension and anxiety. The use of colors is a natural resource that acts very favorably in health promotion,” added the professor. So, if any of the rooms in your house is painted in a color you don’t like, it’s time to change, because in the long run, this space may cause you discomfort and depression. The tip is to choose the feeling you want to have in every corner of your home and be even happier!

WHAT COLORS TO USE? Now that you know the importance of colors in your daily life, all that’s left is to choose which sensations and feelings you want to stimulate in your home or work environment and change the paint on the walls. The paint market today offers an immense variety of shades so that you can take exactly the color you want. At Politintas stores, besides counting on the orientation of our specialists, you can find the AkzoNobel (Coral) Colorimeter. The device captures the color from samples supplied by the customer and indicates the closest reference to it in the color catalog. The reading result is very fast: in only 10 seconds it is possible to know which paint to take home.


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