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Today we are going to talk about a dance accessory that has many benefits and is very cute: Gaiters! Creatively, woolen pieces make women’s winter much more charming – and warmer, of course. Both when dancing and when going out. But how did they come about? It was in the midst of the fashion extravaganza of the 1980s that gaiters had their place. Discreet, they were indispensable pieces, especially for girls who practiced dance. According to the book Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear Through the Ages, gaiters had the function of warming up the dancers’ muscles and keeping them flexible for movement.

But it was with Alex Owens, the protagonist of the movie Flashdance, that gaiters found their greatest pop icon. An eighties classic, the film popularized jazz as a dance expression and the accessory that served much more to compose the look than to warm up.Gaiters are accessories that besides giving style to your look in the classroom, they have a very important purpose. Do you know what it is? First we need to know a little about the history of this piece, which started a long time ago! Gaiters were created with the purpose of protecting the lower legs.

They were used to protect the entrance of wind/cold in the space between the trouser bar and the shoe. They were also used to compress the wide trouser bars during a workout. Wearing the garment was also, for a time, associated with social status. Gaiters were worn by wealthy and aristocratic people between the 18th and 19th centuries. But the accessory really became popular in the 1980s. It all started in the movie Flashdance (1983) where the actress Alexandra Owens played a dancer in search of fame, and used this accessory several times in the plot.

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And that’s when the gaiters became a genuine hit. And now comes the question, what is the function of a gaiter in ballet? They help to warm up and preserve that warmth in the muscles of the lower leg! This helps to avoid injuries which is very important for a dancer. There are several models of gaiters, and even leggings and warm-up pants that have the same purpose. All of them can be worn in both winter and summer, and are a great option to protect yourself and add a touch of style to your daily life.

In the 1990s, the pieces were hidden away and lost ground in the urban perimeter. But in the 2000’s they came back with everything, with women taking advantage of their trips to and from the gym to wear them again on the streets. And what are they used for? The purpose of gaiters in dance is to warm the lower legs and ankles, helping to prevent injuries, as the heat provided by the material. They are not only used in classical ballet classes, but in other styles of dance class. They are made of wool, and there are many colors and designs. There are models that go all the way to the heel, and can be worn over ballet shoes, and there are those that have no room for the heel, and are worn only down to the ankles.

How to wear a gaiter There is not much secret. The piece sits on the shin, covering the instep, and can be either a complement to your shoe or an addition to it. You can wear it with boots, sneakers, tennis shoes, high or low heels, boots, or whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be cold or the same color as your clothes, but using the same color as your pants or shoes will always be a safe way not to make a mistake. Gaiters with leggings – with tight pants this accessory fits like a custom made glove, it can be the same color as the pants or a different color and match the blouse. The darker shades fit better for winter fashion, while the lighter ones are pure joy in spring summer fashion.


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