Red Heart Juicy Fruits And Whipped Crème Throw

Crochet can be a good ally for happiness. Crocheting is not only a hobby, but also calms, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and relieves stress, depression and anxiety! Crocheting is not only a hobby, but also calms, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and relieves stress, depression and anxiety! Lack of courage, mental fatigue, monotony … Putting an end to these problems can be simple and enjoyable. Research proves that crochet is an excellent therapy. Teacher Simone Eleotério signs below. “Creating something with our own hands is a possibility to express ourselves. It is also a way to improve concentration, so that the brain activity keeps working at full speed and keeps us away from diseases like depression and Alzheimer’s,” said Simon Ni is also a consultant for Circle Threads. Understand the positive effects of crochet on the body and mind.

The benefits are for everyone: A study done by the Catholic University of Brasília has proven that the habit of crocheting improves the self-esteem of the elderly. By feeling able to produce something with a needle and thread, the impacts of aging are reduced: “This activity is a great tool for psychological, social and immunological recovery of the elderly. It allows them to release emotions, improve communication, strengthen their self-image, and rediscover their creative potential,” says Maria Heliana Mota Guedes, author of the research. Crocheting also works the muscles and stimulates sight and touch. And it can be practiced from the age of 10. Handicraft frees the mind: crocheting amuses, soothes, and stimulates the psychomotor development of children. Schools have also started to include the practice in art classes. According to psychopedagogue Silvia Amaral, the idea is to divert their attention to a technique that escapes from the countless mental tasks to which they are submitted daily. In this way, the little ones discover other sources of pleasure and develop better: “It is a process of liberation. Children spend hours playing videogames. Crafts help them relax and find new ways to have fun,” says the specialist.

Juicy Fruits and Whipped Creme Throw pattern by Roseanna Beck | Pattern, Juicy  fruit, Crochet throw

Men who crochet: what’s the point in being prejudiced? Who says that crocheting is a woman’s thing is not a good guy. The technique has been taking many men by the hand. The publicist João Ricardo de Abrahão, 29, is one of them. “Whenever I heard about crochet, I remembered my great-aunt Eva. For me, this work was something only for ladies. Until I met the work of my visual artist friend Thiago Rezende, who even created a brand, Homem na Agulha. At the time, he had made a toy-art (an artistic toy made for collecting) and I thought it was great! At the same time, I decided to learn!

He taught me the first stitches, but I could not advance beyond the basic chain. Then I decided to participate in a workshop of amigurumi (those little crocheted animals that look like plush) at Sesc Pompeia in São Paulo. From then on, my animals began to come to life. Making each one of them relieves my anxiety. I take the wool and the needle, concentrate on the stitches, and my head goes far away! I spend hours creating… To see a simple piece of wool become an amigurumi is a realization. When I post pictures on social networks I receive a lot of compliments. Many people still find it strange that a man can crochet, but I don’t mind. Actually, making a difference motivates me! So much so that I have crocheted in buses, parks, and I like it when people notice. The next step is to make a nice blouse! It will take some work, I know, but the reward will be the pleasure of wearing something I made myself. That’s priceless.”


Red Heart Juicy Fruits and Whipped Crème Throw | Yarnspirations

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