Red Heart Hygge Chic Pillow, 18″ X 18″

Once again a year ends and another one begins (or is about to begin, depending on the date you are reading this text) and the watchword is renewal. We know that renovating the house is great, but we also agree that it is not always possible to do that general renovation, as we wish. But as far as ”Prego e Martelo” is concerned, you don’t have to put that desire aside, not at all. If you think you need to spend a lot to make your home sweet home more beautiful and ultra cozy, know that it’s not like that. Did you know that renewing the covers of your pillows can be a simple, cheap, and quick alternative to give your energy a boost?

That’s right! Choosing the perfect pillow cover is important for everyone who wants to have a wonderful and practical decoration in the blink of an eye. Not only that: by getting it right, you can innovate without having to spend a lot of money or make more invasive interventions such as breaking walls, painting rooms, or changing furniture? Everything happens in a discrete way, with a lot of practicality and personalization. But beware: to make the right choice, you must opt for cushion covers made with high quality and durable materials.

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Currently, there are great products available in the market, and without false modesty, they are here at Prego e Martelo. To make your choice easier, in this article we will present some decoration tips for pillows. Read on and find out which pillow cover to choose for your home. One of the great advantages of pillow covers in decorating, whether in a living room, bedroom, or any other room, is that you don’t have to change the whole item when you get sick of the colors or patterns. Unless your cushions are in a pretty sorry state (and then there’s no way around it), just changing the covers will give your living room a whole new look. Besides, if you get it dirty, just wash it and use it again, simple as that. A very interesting strategy is to have different covers for the pillows. When you feel like changing or using a different model to receive guests, it will be the easiest and most practical activity of your life.

Like everything else in decoration, the pillow covers need to not only match, but “talk” to the rest of the room, the respective sofa, armchair, etc. A useful piece of advice is to make compositions that convey a sense of “movement” to the upholstery chosen for the cushions. You achieve this with different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. We will talk a bit more about this below. Fabric is the most popular material. But as you may already know, pillow covers are extremely versatile items and have a good diversity of other options such as leather, wool, straw, and synthetic fabric. Depending on your style, these can also be great choices. The pillows in the bedroom should, in general, have cotton or silk covers. The ones used for decorative purposes can have satin or even silk covers to give that pleasant feeling. Just a word of advice from friend to friend: if you have pets at home, it is best to go for a sturdy type of pillow cover.

The pillows in the bedroom should generally have cotton or silk covers. Those used for decorative purposes can have satin or even silk covers to give that nice feeling. Just a word of advice from friend to friend: if you have pets at home, it is best to go for a sturdy type of pillow cover. Nowadays when it comes to pillow covers, fur pillow covers bring coziness and elegance. Obviously, this type of pillow cover has its limitations, as fur is ideal for the colder seasons of the year and is not very suitable for slightly higher temperatures. But once chosen to be part of your home decoration you can be sure that they will raise the level of style of the environment, because in addition to bringing a sense of warmth with its extremely soft and comfortable touch provides a very cool air.


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