Red Heart Holly Jolly Mosaic Crochet Holiday Blanket, Version 1

Christmas, December 25, is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the most important figure in Christianity. Therefore, for Christians, this is one of the main anniversaries to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with Easter. Christmas is a religious holiday in many parts of the world. The so-called Christmas cycle is twelve days celebrated from December 25 to January 6. This period is related to the time when the three wise men Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior arrived in Bethlehem (the town where Jesus was born).

Christmas origin: Christmas originated from pagan festivals held in ancient times. On this day, the Romans celebrated the arrival of winter (the winter solstice). They worship the sun god (natalis invicti Solis) and still hold celebrations to achieve renewal. Other ancient peoples also celebrated this date with the arrival of winter or the passing of time. This is the case with the Mesopotamians, who celebrated “Zagmuk”, a pagan festival in which a person is chosen as a victim. This is because they believe that by the end of the year some monsters will awaken. From the 4th century, with the consolidation of Christianity, this feast was officially designated as Natale Domini (Christmas of the Lord). Since it is impossible to determine the date of Jesus’ birth, this is a way to Christianize the pagan Roman feasts, giving them a new symbolic meaning.

Red Heart Holly Jolly Mosaic Crochet Holiday Blanket​, Version 1 |  Yarnspirations

The choice of the date was decided by Pope Julius I (337-352), which was later declared by Emperor Justinian as a national holiday in 529. Therefore, regardless of its origin, many countries began to celebrate Christmas. The meaning of the word Christmas: The word Christmas comes from the Latin word “natalis”, and the Latin word “natalis” is derived from the verb to be born (nāscor). Christmas symbols: how do they appear? During Christmas, various signs represent this holiday celebration, each sign has a different meaning and has pagan or religious origins. When we talk about the birth of Jesus, the most realistic representation in our minds is the scene of Jesus’ birth, after all, it depicts the scene of the birth of a child. There, together or alone, we all know the elements: the holy family consisting of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary, the three wise men, angels, and stars.

Christmas tree: what does it have to do with the birth of Jesus? The Christmas tree is one of the most emblematic symbols of the holiday. Not everyone sets up the nativity scene, but many people do. The tradition of assembling it, in a religious proposal, is more recent. It was Martin Luther, the main figure of the Protestant Reformation, who put up the first tree at home. Before Luther people already used decorated trees to celebrate the arrival of winter. This is precisely why it is not just any tree, but a pine tree, because this tree is the tree that most resists the harsh winters. It is therefore a symbol of hope and peace, just like Jesus for Christians. Assembled around the feast day, the tree is dismantled on Three Kings Day, January 6.

Santa Claus: If the tree is the most emblematic symbol, Santa Claus is the most important character of the holiday. The figure of Santa Claus is inspired by a Turkish bishop named Saint Nicholas. He used to leave coins near the chimneys of the needy people. That’s why he represents the generosity that ends up invading hearts at Christmas time. Over time, and through advertising campaigns, St. Nicholas became popular and gave way to the appearance we know today of Santa Claus, who instead of coins, leaves presents for children who behave well throughout the year.


Red Heart Holly Jolly Mosaic Crochet Holiday Blanket​, Version 1 |  Yarnspirations

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