Red Heart Hearty Stripes Mosaic Crochet Blanket

Craftsmanship is one of the few jobs that, even with the passing of time, remains in fashion, reinventing itself and bringing several new features every year. For those who have the segment as a source of income, knowing its main trends is an essential aspect. With 2021 already knocking at our door, it is very important to be aware of the industry’s general panorama. By the way, the art of creating items for personal use and decoration is in a good phase according to market-related data, as we will see below. In addition to deepening this information, this text also brings the best trends so that you can focus your efforts in the period ahead. Are you interested in the subject? Then continue with us here and check out the full post.

Market data: In 2017, the IBGE reported that approximately 10 million people made their living from handicrafts in Brazil, moving about R$50 million in the national economy. Among all municipalities in the country, almost 80% have handicrafts as one of their commercial activities. Differentiated in comparison to services produced on a larger scale, this area also helps to value and preserve the outstanding themes of various cultures. Considering such relevance of handicrafts with regard to the livelihood of so many families, in 2015 SEBRAE launched the “Buy Small Business” movement.

This is a program that works as an incentive to strengthen the local economy. The main intention is to get the population to buy more from businesses close to their homes, feeding the growth of smaller initiatives. In this sense, there is another very interesting issue: during the month of June 2019, a study by Opinion Box pointed out that 55% of consumers give preference to brands known for good treatment to the environment. By taking advantage of natural, recycled and sustainable products, without industrial interference, craftsmanship grows stronger and stronger.

Red Heart Hearty Stripes Mosaic Crochet Blanket​ | Yarnspirations

Use crochet in decoration to make the most charming tips of the house! Crochet has become a big trend, and not just now. Originating in France, this handmade and totally artisanal technique has been considered part of home decor for many years and is also considered a healing activity that requires a lot of skill and patience by those who practice it to work. Passed down from generation to generation, crochet has never been abandoned because it is timeless and because it is easy to adapt to trends. If used creatively, it can warm up in winter, add color and texture to a room, add personal style to modern, be part of a more minimalist choice, or update the vitality and appearance of dull furniture, all without losing the retro and granny atmosphere The warmth of a home. And it can be added in many ways: through a beautiful quilt on the bed, a blanket on the sofa, a colorful pillow, a rustic scarf, a charming seat or armchair cover, and others you can check out in our list The options are as follows:

A beautiful blanket gives a beautiful revival in the dull sofa that was about to be retired, and still can warm the feet on that cold day. Blankets with giant stitches have become the sensation of the moment, and since they are made with a special wool, they are as comfortable as traditional pieces. Fringed pieces: Crochet can have many different combinations, colors, techniques and stitches, and the most popular are certainly the tone-on-tone rugs with fringe finishing. You have certainly seen a piece with these characteristics in someone’s home! Pieces with striking textures: Another way to add color to a simple environment is to choose a very striking and stripped-down pouf. If the idea is to keep the minimalist style, invest in a combination with other pieces without patterns, and with harmonious colors. If the idea is to compose the room with more than one crochet piece, harmonize their colors and let the pieces be the only highlight of the room.


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