Red Heart Granny Square Jacket

Hello, crocheter or crocheter! History is something that is part of us. Of people, of civilizations, and of every creation made by human beings. It is what makes us understand more about a certain subject, understand the reasons and the whys of everything being the way it is today. One of the most ancient techniques of handwork – crochet – has resurfaced in fashion driven by the quarantine.

And it was not for nothing, after all, our form of consumption during the pandemic will be reflected in the coming months or even years. It was at home and resignifying the online space – by means of various apps to pass the time, such as TikTok and Instagram, and online broadcasting – that fashionistas of the so-called generation Z were surrendering to stitches and knots as a hobby to create looks that work for any time of day and that privilege above all comfort and coziness.

In February of last year, the star Harry Styles appeared with a crochet jacket from the JW Anderson label. The piece, made of colorful patchwork, was responsible for the tutorials sprayed by the TikTok app, teaching how to reproduce a similar model. It was so successful that the designer behind the original creation made a step-by-step tutorial available to enable the model to be reproduced. Initiatives such as Made by You emphasize the importance, in our times, of handicraft work, even for those who do not yet have knowledge of manual techniques. The company produces uncomplicated kits for making fashion and decorative pieces in crochet and knitting that come with a QR Code with access to the tutorial for weaving each stitch of the purchased piece.

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“The kits are made of 100% undyed cotton yarns, which have less environmental impact. The cotton fibers are only sanitized and spun, they do not go through a dyeing or softening process, reducing the consumption of products that are harmful to the environment,” says Andreia Camilo, from marketing at Made by You. In vogue this season and next, the technique was also used by the major international labels. Designers who work essentially with luxury, such as Stella McCartney, Valentino and Giambattista Valli, understood that the more work, the better and more expensive it is.

The designer Célio Dias, from LED, from Minas Gerais, has applied the technique in his pieces for four of the seven years of the brand’s existence, in tank tops, blouses, dresses and even swimwear. He says that, with the reclusive moment of social isolation, he was able to explore the technique further. “It was when I understood that I could insert crochet in more products of my brand, with different stitches and wefts, and play with the body veiled and on display,” he says. Célio recalls this recent valorization of the artisanal in fashion, which goes against mass production. “Crochet is a national technique that everyone knows. I feel that, when I started to explore it in my collections, some people ‘looked the other way’ at this rescue,” said the designer. “Today I see that people have another value. I needed to adopt this as my DNA, and I see it as something very unique and special,” he adds.


Red Heart Granny Square Jacket, XS/S in color Large Main Image 2

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