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Besides being charming and super cozy, handmade crochet also contributes to the income of several local artisans! Bet on crochet to produce unique and cozy environments, Handmade crocheted pieces have a place in decoration since the time of grandmothers. Always in fashion, these productions are capable of creating cozy atmospheres. Whether with tablecloths, blankets, or patchwork, crochet is synonymous with cozy decoration. Because they are unique, these wefts also warm and bring history into the home. The art of crochet goes with any kind of decoration, from the casual ones, with colorful pieces, to the rustic or beach ones, with clear pieces. And contrary to what many people think, crochet also goes well in sophisticated environments, but in these cases, it is worth investing in pieces with elaborate stitches and delicate finishes.

To decorate with crochet you can invest in pillows on the bed, sofa or armchair; a blanket or shawls for warmth or just to decorate; bathroom rugs, kitchen or door; decorative picture; American game; pouf, chair or armchair; lamps or cover pots and bottles. According to Ursula, the beauty of crochet can be explored both in single pieces, as a highlight of the environment, and also in small pieces. There is also the possibility of mixing large and small pieces, as long as there is balance. The needles found in ancient times were basically made of bone and wood. Specific crochet models began to appear in the 19th century. 19th and the hooks are removable. Later, as technology advanced, needles began to be complete with fixed hooks. Nowadays, we have needles for all tastes, in steel, aluminum, bamboo, acrylic and with ergonomic handles.

Red Heart Golden Waves Throw | Yarnspirations

Did you know? Irish creations – Irish productions were very detailed, worked in lace and extremely fine threads. They soon became successful as adornments and garments for the nobility and priests throughout Europe. On the other hand, the conditions for producing the pieces were terrible, due to the times the population was living. The court of Europe that enjoyed the pieces had no idea of the precarious conditions in which they were created. In any case, crochet was one of the factors that helped save thousands of people from the crisis. With mass immigration, the Irish technique was taken to all corners of the world. A curious thing about the technique is that although it is called Irish crochet, it was created in England. And that’s not all, the artisan was French and was inspired by the crochet from Spain. In other words, a great mixture, isn’t it? And that’s the coolest thing about the technique, we can mix several influences and end up creating something totally new.

History’s outstanding crochets – Throughout all these decades, some crochets were outstanding due to differentiated techniques or historical moments, or even due to popularity. Some of them were:
Crochet staple: With looser and lighter stitches, this model was great for garments such as dresses, blouses and shawls;
Granny square: The “granny squares”, as they became known, mixed several stitches and colors, the squares were used for clothes, bedspreads, and pillows. It was extremely popularized due to the hippie movement;
Peruvian crochet: Finally, Peruvian crochet has large stitches, which form wide loops and are very elaborate. It is created using a wooden roller or handle, and is used to make bags and hats;


Red Heart Golden Waves Throw | Yarnspirations

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