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Blankets and blankets for baby: Tips to keep your little one warm and protected on cold days. Guys, blankets and quilts are babies’ greatest allies, especially in the colder seasons. And if you are in that magical phase of putting together the outfit, don’t forget to put these two items on your list, right? Both the blanket and the blanket play an important role for the child. Besides warming, they provide a feeling of warmth and protection.

But it is essential to understand well what they are for and what the purpose of each one is to avoid some discomfort with the little ones, okay? Blanket: A blanket is a kind of blanket, only smaller and lighter. It is ideal to be carried in the purse during outings with the babies, especially on that day when you decided to take a walk in the park or mall and it gets a little chilly. Generally, blankets are anti-allergic and avoid irritation when in contact with the skin, bringing more comfort and affection to your baby.

  • Blanket: The blanket, on the other hand, has a thicker fabric and is used to keep babies well heated in winter, when the cold is more intense. At bedtime, the ideal is to put the blanket up to chest height, but avoid using heavy models because they can limit the baby’s movements and even make breathing difficult, you know? The tip is to use blankets with light fabrics, such as microfiber or cotton, which are also warm and do not suffocate the baby.
  • Swaddling-cloth: The swaddling-cloth is that little cloth that can be made of flannel or cotton and is also used to roll the baby up. Actually, the swaddling cloth has a very similar function to the blanket, but because it is very useful, it can also be used to line the changing table, the stroller, the car seat, among other uses on a daily basis.
  • Blanket turner: The blanket turner, as it is called, is a kind of handkerchief made of a very delicate and thin fabric, but it is essential to use with wool blankets. Look how cool it is, the turn-blanket is to be placed between the blanket and the baby to prevent it from touching its face directly against the wool and getting allergies. Cool, right?
    But don’t wait for the cold weather to arrive to have these items at home and in your child’s outfit, okay? After all, the youngest babies lose their body temperature very quickly, so it is important to keep them always warm and protected from the cold, agreed? Now take the time to choose blankets and blankets for your baby here at Magazine Luiza and make your outfit complete!
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Is it safe for baby to sleep with a blanket? Find out and understand the risks. Understand the problems of a baby sleeping with a blanket and how to keep him warm at night. When it comes to baby’s sleep, a number of doubts arise. And on cold days, these doubts increase. One of the most frequent questions is about the blanket. After all, can the baby sleep with a blanket? Is it safe? Well, the answer depends on the little one’s age. Until 12 months of age it is not recommended that the baby sleeps covered by a blanket, not even a sheet or anything else. This is because blankets increase the risk of the baby suffocating and also of sudden death syndrome. The same goes for any other object in the crib, such as pillows, crib protectors, toys, among others.


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