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Craftsmanship 2021 comes to show how incredible it is to manually create items with various materials, such as felt, ceramics, wood, among others. Through Artesanato 2021, these pieces never go out of style, but keep reinventing themselves to continue being used by people. It is important to mention that handicrafts are the livelihood of many women who decide to start a business after they become mothers, so it is a great option to earn extra income. There are also people who use handicrafts as a relaxation or hobby, that is, they practice this art at home in their spare time in order to rest their minds. The pieces produced by handicrafts also contribute to the decoration of houses, apartments and workplaces. In this article, we will discuss crafts with decoration so that you can understand the main trends in 2021. Ready?

Crochet and knitting: Knitting has gone from being a leisure activity of grandmothers to becoming the livelihood of many craftswomen. With crochet and knitting it is possible to make several decorative items for the couple’s bedroom, such as pillows and bath linen. There are also handcrafted items for the living room, such as covers for cushions and benches, pouffes, rugs, table runners, curtains, and a cachepot for placing artificial plants, among others. There are also tablecloths and table liners that look great in the kitchen.

Knitting cushions for decoration – Have you ever heard of amigurumi? It is a stuffed animal made of knitting that is ideal for the children’s room. Another item that can be produced with knitting is the mobile to put in the baby’s crib. Therefore, there are many decorative items that can be made with knitting or crochet to make your home more comfortable and elegant.

Fabric: You can create a beautiful cutlery holder with printed fabric and pieces of wood, or even make embroidered cotton dishcloths with cross-stitch to decorate the kitchen and help the functionality of the place. On the other hand, cross-stitch embroidered towels are a great option to decorate the bathroom. Crochet and fabric picture for handmade room decoration – We can also highlight the embroidered fabric pictures that look perfect on the walls of the dining room and be within the idea of Crafts 2021. Fuxico, which is a technique that uses fabric scraps, can provide several decorative items, such as bedspreads, table runners, garlands, ornaments for cushions, among others.

Sustainable materials: The main trend for Handicrafts 2021 is recycling, that’s right, taking material that would be thrown away and turning it into new decorative items, such as applying fabric to cans, painting vases, and tires covered with rope to make decorative pouffes, among others. Handmade Puff for room decoration – The tires can also be transformed into planters, benches, coffee tables, plant holders, and toys for children. Likewise, fruit crates can become a beautiful shelf in the bathroom, or even a wine rack in your wine cellar. Ceramics: Ceramics can take many forms, so it is a great option for the decoration of Crafts 2021, especially in the kitchen, because there are many household accessories that can be produced with this material. We cannot forget the vases that help to compose the ornamentation of the whole house, either accompanied by natural or artificial flowers. Plants: Have you ever heard of the Taboa tree? It is a plant widely used in handicrafts, especially in the production of niches, shelves, and organizing baskets, which can be part of the decoration of both the living room and the bathroom. Dried plants can be used to create household utensils, as well as organizer baskets for the kitchen.


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