Red Heart Diamond Lattice Crochet Blanket

The sudden change of temperature is something that happens frequently in Brazil. So, whether on cold or mild days, it is always possible to transform the atmosphere in our home, making it more relaxing, cozy, and comfortable. And the perfect decorative piece to convey all these feelings, while making any environment beautiful, is the blanket! In your hands, this accessory can completely transform an otherwise dull space into a charming nook. If you don’t know how to use the decorative blanket to cause this effect, no problem. We’ll show you 7 ways to make use of these pieces at different times to make your home look amazing. Check them out:

1 – Combining with pillows: To give your sofa a makeover and make it the most interesting piece of furniture in your home, how about a mix between blankets and pillows? Here, the important thing is to use your imagination. The differentiation of colors and textures contribute to creating a bolder and more charming look. By choosing sober tones, you guarantee an elegant composition. 2 – With the waterfall effect: This method works well both in the bedroom and in the living room. Open the fabric at one end of the bed or sofa and let its edges be close to the floor. This way, dropped diagonally, the decorative blanket results in a very interesting draped effect. 3 – As the protagonist: Have you bought a beautiful sofa blanket and want it to be the first thing people see when they enter your living room? Just turn it into the focal point of the room. Fold it in a vertical line and place it in the middle of the upholstered sofa. That’s it! Comfort and style are guaranteed.

Red Heart Diamond Lattice Crochet Blanket | Yarnspirations

4 – On the back of the furniture: If you have a pet at home, this is probably the best way to use a blanket to decorate your home! Just fold the piece and place it on the back of your sofa or armchair. This way, in addition to protecting your furniture, this placement adds a touch of life to the room. 5 – In a basket: Blanket in a basket, Wrap the blanket and place it inside your favorite basket. This is a good option for a corner in the babies’ and children’s rooms, as well as outside the house. It awakens a nice cozy feeling, while providing a nice look. 6 – Waiter style: Take your sofa blanket and fold it in half. Then, stretch it over the arm of the piece of furniture. If the fabric is too close to the floor, repeat the process and fold it again. This way, you achieve the visual harmony you are looking for. 7 – In a casual way: Is it possible to be unpretentious without losing style? Of course it is! Arrange your decorative blanket openly in the corner of the sofa to cover the backrest and seat, or even your bed. Here, the goal is to strive for naturalness. Therefore, play with the fabric and form natural waves on the piece.

Decorative Blanket: Learn other 4 secrets to get it right – Manta in decoration. Now that you have learned different ways to use blanket in decoration, check out some unmissable tips to be successful in the use of these pieces in any corner of your house:

  • Invest in a mix of textures: the blanket should always be in a different fabric from the surface on which the piece will be positioned;
  • Play with different nuances: staying in the same tone is no good! Choose a similar color palette between the accessory and your bedding, sofa or armchair;
  • Choose the colors carefully: dark tones are cozy and work in winter, while light tones are perfect for other seasons;
  • Prioritize great fabrics: whether in natural or synthetic fibers, look for quality products. Even if you see this piece only as decorative, remember that you can use it to cover yourself.


Red Heart Diamond Lattice Crochet Blanket | Yarnspirations

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