Red Heart Crochet Flower Throw O’Go

A great idea for those who have been crocheting for a long time and want to challenge themselves to make more complex projects. For beginners, the secret is to do it in parts, paying close attention to detail, as we said, this work will require a lot of attention and delicacy on the part of the artisan. To make this project we can use wool, cotton yarn, crochet thread, and your favorite materials, such as the leftover muffins we have at home. The colors are the differentials of this beautiful crochet blanket, notice how cheerful the final result was and how the piece stands out, ideal for decorating the couch in the living room and use on your bed. A great job to do and sell, you will get a great profit with this work, because besides being very beautiful, it has enough details that make this project unique and for sure your customers will love and value your creation.

The blankets we use today are made with very different techniques and fabrics than the first ones that appeared in prehistoric times. At that time, our ancestors only needed the skins of bears or mammoths to keep out the cold. But times changed, and in 1912 special pillows were invented for tuberculosis patients. This was the beginning of the history of the electric blanket. Whether it is just for chilly nights or for those with more intense cold, the blanket can be the ideal choice. After all, it serves as both the main piece and as a reinforcement when it comes to warming the bed. Lighter and more malleable, it is usually the choice of those who don’t feel so cold. Or, even, of people who don’t like to feel too covered up when they sleep. Even so, it is possible to find thinner or thicker models, according to the material they are made of.

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Thus, your options can be pure cotton, microfiber, flannel, and even wool. In addition, because it is not so bulky, the blanket is easier to store and transport. On the other hand, (attention allergy sufferers!) it has a greater tendency to accumulate dust mites and dust. Is the Blanket Warming? “Oh, I’m so cold; I need a blanket to warm me up”. This phrase is said by many people, however, it leads us to misinterpretations regarding some concepts. Let’s look at some definitions that will facilitate the understanding of what is wrong with the sentence.

  • Heat: heat energy in transit. The transfer of this energy always occurs when there is, between one body and another, a difference in temperature; this transfer starts from the hotter body to the colder one.
  • Thermal Equilibrium: bodies that are in the same system, being at different temperatures, will exchange heat; and if both reach the same temperature, they will be in thermal equilibrium.

When we use the blanket on cold days, we make it a thermal insulator. The environment we are in, if its temperature is below 36.5°C (average human temperature), will cause a heat transfer from us, human beings, to the environment, with a tendency to enter into thermal equilibrium; because the transfer occurs from us (hot) to the environment (cold), our temperature is reduced, resulting in the cold we feel. For the blanket to be able to warm us, it should be a potential source of thermal energy, however, it is not. The blanket’s function is to prevent the exchange of heat between us and the environment by acting as a thermal insulator. Technically, the sentence at the beginning of the text should look like this: “I’m so cold, I need a blanket to prevent me from giving off heat to the environment.


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