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Color Matching: Find out which color tone best matches your skin! Do you know when we fall in love with an outfit and, in the end, the piece leaves us with a tired and aged look? Or that moment when you have bought the most fashionable lipstick, but when you apply it, the result is not so great? This happens because every skin has a tone and a subtone – and each one of them has a color palette that speaks best to each other. In other words, every skin tone has its own beauty, and you can either consult an image professional or, with some study, identify yours!

Following this thought, how about learning how to enhance your attributes by finding out which colors are more harmonious and enhance your look? To make this task easier, we have created a very explanatory post with much of what you need to know about color combination. Come with us!

The importance of investing in color combination – Did you know that choosing the right color for your skin tone goes far beyond good taste or fashion notions? There is, in fact, a science specialized in identifying which color shade matches best the skin of each individual: it is called colorimetry, also known as personal coloring theory. After some studies, the experts discovered that certain shades provide a greater sense of contrast or highlight certain skin tones more. The advantage of investing in this idea is that you will find it much easier to produce a look without making mistakes in the combination, as well as favoring your natural beauty and conveying a good impression to the world. With this concept, you will realize that it is possible to use almost any color in a combination, and that the famous “basic black” is not for everyone. Now you must be asking yourself “how to find out which color suits me best”, right? In the next topics we will explain every detail to you!

Red Heart Crochet Camel Stitch Cowl | Yarnspirations

How to identify your skin’s undertone – Besides the tone, which can be white, brown, or black, all skin has an undertone. It is nothing more than a background color – the one that will give the temperature to the skin. There are three different types of undertones: warm, neutral, and cool. The warm tone matches more easily with red, yellow, and orange items. Cold, on the other hand, fits better with blue, green, gray, and violet pieces. Neutral, on the other hand, fits well with any shade. To identify your skin temperature, or subtone, see our tips below:

  • Keep an eye on the veins: Start by analyzing the veins on your forearm. Are they bluer, almost purple? Then your skin is the cool one! On the other hand, if they are a little greenish, then you belong to the warm-skinned group. In case you are in doubt and cannot identify the difference between your options, your skin is neutral. Very easy!
  • Test with a coin: Another trick to find out whether your temperature is warm or cold is to use a coin. In this case, separate a gold coin and a silver coin and place them on your hand. Check which one matches your skin better. If it is the gold one, your skin is warm. But if it is silver, you are cold. Do the two match? You are in the neutral group!

Did you see how simple it is to find out your skin temperature in order to create the best possible color combination? Now that you know your type!


Red Heart Crochet Camel Stitch Cowl | Yarnspirations

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