Rebekah Amy Quilt-Pattern by Rosalie Quinlan.

The most simple things are the most beautiful. He is a very striking designer with beautiful colors made by Rosalie Quinlan, and all the simplicity of “Rebekah Amy Quilt”. This allows us to choose between just one touch, removing or positioning vivid lines and colors. This pattern is also easy and beautiful and fast, it is for beginners and for people who have enough time to dedicate that it is worth it. You will love to start making this quilt from beginning to end.

You only need to have 4 blocks and 1.5 strips to cut. Choose everything you like best: diversity, color and size. Thanks to Rebekah Amy Quilt, we can have your pattern so we can be following your step by step and thus build this beautiful quilt that you will love .

The coolest and fun thing about making this quilt is that you can do it with pieces of cloth. From small piece to small piece you see forming a wonderful quilt made by you and totally to your taste and the size of your choice.

The pattern provided by Rebekah Amy Quilt. Read carefully and have a good time and you will be surprised by this beautiful quilt with bright colors.

Free Pettern PDF

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