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This attractive duvet is easy to make, start with charm squares for a quick finish! Search your stock for this charming quilt. It will look great on any color theme or combine a wide variety of patchwork and unify the quilt with the background and stripe stripes. Start with charming 5″ square packs or cut your own. This is a great project to show off a favorite pattern combination. It’s a simple quilt to make and will finish quickly. The finished quilt, designed by Emily Bailey of Aunt Em’s Quilts, are 51 ″ x 66 ″.

The brain is one of the most amazing weapons we have. Everything we see and feel is only possible through him. It is through this incredible machine that we create the best and worst feelings, relying entirely on the outside to trigger these internal processes. How Color Affects Home Decor – Art Deco is not limited to choosing exotic objects and objects to compose a landscape.

The decoration is concerned with simple things, such as shape, color and arrangement of pieces with specific environmental characteristics. The rest is just a supplement, but logically it influences and enriches. However, if you don’t pay attention to this base, it is impossible to achieve the best results, today we will deal with one of them specifically: color! Choosing colors for decoration – colors say a lot about us, what we are and what we think. Colors permeate sensations and feelings, just when it comes to revitalizing the environment, they are very powerful allies.

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How did the bed come about? Discover the history of the furniture that accompanied us from the first days of life to the last, the bed! Since prehistory, there was a reserved space inside the caves for resting – at first, it was just a pile of soft fibers, complemented with skins in winter to keep warm. Gradually, the sleeping place gained more comfort until it became a piece of furniture. The bed as a piece of furniture was first seen in Mesopotamia in 3,000 BC where, in some paintings, the king was portrayed caught on a bed under a grape vine. Unfortunately these specimens were not found physically, there are only replicas. Why do we decorate? In ancient Egypt, the bed began to gain decorative animal elements. Its frame was rectangular and the feet formed the legs of animals, while the support was lying down was made of braided leather or wooden slats. This piece of furniture was for the exclusive use of the pharaohs.

Tutankhamun’s Bed – Over time, the bed was popularized and some elements were generated in its structure, such as coverings and ornaments. An example are the canopies, which were nothing more than a structure for curtains. This was a way to warm up and maintain privacy, the rooms were not divided with walls. This structure was also often used to hide lovers. How did the bed come about?

As the house was divided into rooms, the canopies lost their meaning, as there was a greater need for privacy and comfort. In the Renaissance period, the English bed came to measure approximately 3 m deep by 5 m wide! From the Industrial Revolution onwards, its design began to be simplified until it reached what we know today. Who knew that a simple piece of furniture has so much history behind it?


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