Radiance Quilt

Lush fabrics from the star Tula Pink in this attractive bedspread. A wide range of colors, textures and values ​​creates a delight for the eyes that will be at home anywhere. The bedspread also lends itself to waste. Go to your stock and collect a good variety of scraps, 1/2 yard cuts or start with new fabrics for your own creative interpretation. Part of the appeal of this quilt is how light moves your eyes. Play with colors and valuable settings to create your own beautiful representation. Diamonds and triangles make up the body of the quilt. There are many skewed edges, so consider using starch to avoid stretching. The finished quilt, designed by Stacey Day, is 60 “x 78”.

Bedspread – A bedspread is a type of blanket, traditionally composed of three layers of fiber: an upper fabric fabric, a layer of blades or blades, and a back fabric, combined using the quilting technique. A quilt is distinguishable from other types of blanket because it is assembled together with several pieces of cloth. “Quilting” refers to the technique of joining at least two layers of fabric by stitches or ties. In most cases, two layers of fabric involve an intermediate layer of batting, which is a lighter and more insulating layer. Batting is often referred to as “wadding” in Britain. Some modern quilts are made with a layer of upper fabric, padded to a layer of microfleece, perhaps without a fabric backing. The most decorative fabric surface is called the “top”, and is the focus of the design. A single piece of fabric can be used as the top, or the top can be “pulled” from smaller pieces of fabric.

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Stitching small pieces of fabric together into a larger block of fabric creates the basic unit. The patchwork at the top is typically made up of a series of blocks, which are made sequentially and then assembled. The blocks can be separated by strips of simple fabric, called “crushing”. Definition of quilt in the English dictionary: The first definition of quilt in the dictionary is a thick, warm cover for a bed, consisting of a soft filling sewn between two layers of material, usually with crisscross seams. Another definition of a bedspread is a bedspread or bedspread. Quilt is also quilted or looks like a bedspread.

The difference between quilt and quilting in Brazil:

In Brazil, people understand that when you say “let’s make a free quilt”, you are actually referring to quilting. Then you can think: “Ah, but if people are getting along, that’s fine, right ?! The important thing is that my student (or friend) knows what I’m referring to at that moment! ”. But this is, in fact, a misinformation! No other country will understand if you refer to quilting as a quilt. And if you want to take a course, buy a book, a magazine or watch a video on Youtube, then you will not understand it, because the differentiation between quilt and quilting will exist. This happened to us: when we started quilting, we wanted to become professional and understand the technique. We buy quilt books, not quilting books. The disappointment of opening a book that you thought would solve your life and discovering that, in fact, it was no use for anything you wanted is i-men-sa. (especially when you wait a long time for this book to arrive!) If we use a technique and foreign terms, the ideal would be to use them with their original meaning. If you don’t mean quiltING, you can use the translation: quilting.


Woven Radiance Quilt Pattern - Free Digital Download by Tula Pink - Free  Spirit Fabrics | My Favorite Quilt Store

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