Pyramid Blanket Crochet

Hello people who accompany us on the site craft for the world, let’s another beautiful pattern. Today I bring you a beautiful crochet pattern, which you will love to do like me.

This quilt has a stunning design that ultimately gets a dazzling effect from the pyramids, so named for this Pyramid Blanket Crochet plaid pattern.

Need a fun single point? Check out this fun and unique gorgeous pyramid crochet stitch for more! You’ll love to dream of a project using this interesting dot pattern! This is a more complex dot pattern than I would like to encourage you to take your time and realize that you may have to do something in the beginning.

This pattern is a 4-line repeat working in multiples of 4 + 2. It can be made as a quilt, blanket, baby blanket and sofa blanket that makes for a cozy atmosphere, but nothing prevents you from making other designs like a pillow cover. , rugs, table and tablecloth, use wherever you want. Crafts are something we can do according to our imaginary creativity. It is worth believing in this work, because the end result is sensational. The time required to create this design depends on the size of the quilt you want. Once you’ve made this beautiful blanket, you can do something to match the quilt like the pillowcases, so use your imagination and choose the color you like best.

edc (double extended crochet): Wash, insert hook ST and pull a loop, wash and pull a loop on hook, wash and do two turns on hook (do this twice).

dtr (triple double crochet): Wash 3 times, insert hook into ST and pull a loop (wash 2 loops) do 4 times.

Soon you will begin to see the pyramids forming! This makes it easy to create this pattern.

And as it is made in various colors, it is versatile and is suitable for boys and girls. I really hope you enjoy and enjoy the free pattern I leave below. Good job and see you next time with new standards for you.

Patten Free – ▶ Pyramid Blanket Crochet 
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