Pixelated Rose Quilt

CREATE A STUNNING ROSE QUILT WITH FABRIC SQUARES, IT’S GORGEOUS IN ANY COLOR! This beautiful rose is big, bold and absolutely stunning. The quilt is gorgeous in whatever colors you want your rose to be.The pixelated look is produced with 2 1/2″ squares of solid fabrics. Choose color variations that create depth and shading within the flower and leaves. Once you have the fabrics, it’s a simple quilt to create. Follow the diagram for placement of the individual squares. The finished quilt, is 66″ x 78″. Patterns are included for both the pink and yellow versions of the quilt.

Set the decor theme – A plant decor also needs to be well planned and executed. When used in excess, it can turn your home into a forest. For interiors, if you prefer natural plants, choose flowers such as orchids, begonias and violets. In the corners, opt for foliage and small trees — use St. George’s swords, felicity tree or areca palm. Also be careful when choosing pots for the plants, it should provide the necessary support.

All these plants can be found in artificial versions. In other words, the tips remain the same, however, you don’t need to consider the precautions so that they don’t dry up and die. Creative flexibility is also greater with artificial ones. You can mix several models to make arrangements, or bet on different pots. A basket of flowers, for example, becomes unfeasible when natural, as it does not allow irrigation. The best thing about decorating is that there is no rule. So, it is worth mixing the two types, depending on the environment used. If you find it beautiful, anything can be done!

Create a Stunning Rose Quilt with Fabric Squares - Quilting Digest

Choosing a palette of cores Before starting your project, it is recommended to define a palette of cores that will compose each environment. This is interesting to have a harmonious result. When we are decorating the environment little by little, we run the risk of some cores “clash”. So, remember to think about the colors of the wall, floor, furniture, objects and sofa fabrics, curtains and rugs. It is also important to understand how each of the colors can contribute to the environment, as there are warm and cool tones. It may just seem like a matter of taste, but that’s not all. How cores can simulate the important shape of the environment. Warm tones convey the feeling of joy and energy and are recommended for leisure environments. The cool tones indicate calm and are indicated for bedrooms and rest rooms. Neutrals serve to balance these two trends.

Another technique that should be used in the composition of environments is to divide the house from macro to micro, that is, from the largest to the smallest components. Macro components: walls, floors, materials, large furniture. Micro Components: Small Furniture and Decor If you choose to use neutral tones for the larger components, you can invest in cores for the smaller components. Now, if you choose to paint one or two walls in a strong color, you can bring that touch of personality to your home, but you’ll have to be more careful when choosing the decorative objects! Colors are widely used in interior design to cause different sensations in the users of a space…. Another importance of the color palette in a decoration concerns the feeling of spaciousness of the rooms and the impression of greater or lesser light.


FREE Pattern Feature – Yellow Pixelated Rose Quilt – Riley Blake Designs | Rose  quilt, Pixel quilting, Quilt patterns free

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