One Step Beyond Blanket

Welcome to Craft For The World! Crochet is really an art, a hobby that can be done alone, among friends or even a tradition passed from family to family! This is a beautiful and popular pattern; so don’t worry, you will have no trouble creating this pattern! This is an easy and fun pattern when you get the hang of it, work quickly to make a very cute gift for a baby or anyone and, if you want, you can even sell it, your customers will love it… Today we will learn a pettern called One Step Beyond Blanket, especially because who doesn’t love a soft and comfortable handmade blanket?!

This cover is simply magnificent, based on mosaic graphics and creates an attractive pattern! And nothing better than a pattern that is easy to follow and that at the same time you have fun riding, you will be delighted with the final result! Don’t forget to have fun and be proud of your project!

Geometric figures in decoration: a trend for coverings
Decoration Trends – From classic to stripped down. The use of geometric figures in decoration is a proposal that transits through the most different styles, adapting to environments that follow a traditional, retro or even bold and detached proposal. This trend also returns from time to time in wall coverings. A success in the 20’s and 60’s, geometric patterns are back with everything in architecture and interior design. For this reason, today it is possible to find modern and elegant floors and tiles printed with geometric patterns. Do you want to know how to use them and give a modern touch to your environments? Then find out more about this trend and get to know some usage suggestions to make your decoration look great.

Ravelry: One Step Beyond Blanket pattern by Martin Up North

Geometry in decoration: Applying geometry in decoration is a way to create original, modern or contemporary environments. Striped patterns, rounded shapes, pure lines… Geometric art can be used in any room! In this bookcase not only organizes the accessories, but also divides the environments, reusing the spaces and generating a creative appearance. See other inspirations! Minimalist purity: The minimalist style is based on the principle that less is more. This MDF sideboard symbolizes the proposal with straight lines. The vase and centerpiece also have a clean and modern aesthetic, but are rounded to differentiate the composition. Dialog between shapes and tones: Using geometry with subtlety is also possible. Here the mirror and the cabinets create a dialog through rectangular shapes and wood tones. The same happens between the sinks and the pouf. The result was charm and good taste for the decoration.

Retro: Wallpapers with geometric patterns carry the mood of the 60s and 70s. This is a great way to bring the retro atmosphere into the room. The modular furniture with different formats reinforces the modern proposal in the room. Recessed niche: Geometric shapes can also be planned at the time of renovation. The headboard was made with the recessed niche on the wall in rectangular shapes. The wallpaper completed the concept, making the room more striking, elegant and creative. Aligned table: The support in natural fibers with stripes makes a beautiful contrast with the white and square plate. The union of the elements brought geometry to the table with simplicity and charm.

Let’s go right below the step by step link, learn and create this beautiful pattern One Step Beyond Blanket.


The “One Step Beyond” Blanket – Free Pattern Inside – Martin Up North
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Craft For The World wants to thank for providing us with the complete pattern of this beautiful work, follow its step by step carefully and start your project, in addition to an excellent job.

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