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Decorating a child’s room is a lot of fun, after all, it’s a playful space, cheerful and full of personality all thought in the children’s universe. However, the ideas for a child’s room can also be a big challenge, after all, the project must be thought in order to transform the child’s room into a comfortable space for them to sleep and rest, but also fun and functional for play and study times. Therefore, we at Viva Decora decided to bring you different ideas for children’s rooms, showing you several creative possibilities for this environment to be more beautiful, comfortable and fun.

Check it out! How to decorate a child’s room? There are many ways to prepare the decoration for a child’s room, because a number of factors must be taken into account when making the project, such as the size of the room, the child’s routine, personal tastes, and so on. And thinking of this way, below we separate different ideas for children’s rooms to help you prepare your decoration.

Color palette: As we mentioned above, light colors are the best options for small children’s rooms, because they help in the feeling of spaciousness, but another big advantage of investing in these colors for children’s rooms is that they offer a neutral base to the environment, allowing you to dare in colorful details that will give a cheerful air to the environment. Therefore, a good tip is to always choose to use color points for the nursery as colorful niches, a wallpaper for a nursery with a more cheerful pattern, decorative pillows or even decorative pouffes or armchairs that will help bring more life and a fun touch to the environment.

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Decoration of a child’s room girl: It is quite common to find the decoration of a child’s room girl in shades of pink, with floral wallpaper and super delicate details in the environment, because this helps to bring this more feminine air to the environment and ensures a room for child girl very beautiful and very charming. However, know that if you want to use another color palette to decorate the room for a girl child, and for this, you can invest in neutral colors and abuse of very colorful details that will bring personality to the environment. Another cool tip to decorate the room for a girl child and bring more functionality to the environment is to invest in a desk that can also be used as a dressing table, if the girl likes. To do this, simply install a mirror right in front of the desk, thus allowing a much more dynamic room. Finally, remember that the decorative details can make all the difference in this environment, so talk to the girl and see if she would like to put paintings for a child’s room in the environment, stuffed animals, dolls or if she prefers potted plants or perhaps a nice wallpaper. This will help her feel more comfortable and welcome in her decorated room.

Decoration of a child’s room for boys: Just as shades of pink are successful in the nursery for girls, shades of blue are the most used in the nursery for boys, but as you already know, this should not be a rule if the child likes other colors or wants a room with a more colorful palette. In addition, you can provide more personality to the child’s room boy investing in a fun wallpaper or even through pictures, decorative pillows or perhaps different furniture. Remember also that besides being beautiful, the room for a child boy should be comfortable and functional, so here you will also need a desk so that he can listen and try to leave the shelves with books and toys always within reach of the little one, so that he has more autonomy within his own room.


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