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Guys, did you know that crochet is a very old craft, which has existed since the beginning and has been very strong today, not only for women, but for all ages. He was bitten every day and is known as a hobby with many benefits for those who practice and today we are going to learn a beautiful blanket. Did you know that one of its benefits is the improvement of motor coordination, better concentration and better brain functioning, besides being a great antidepressant, that is, just some good things and they can’t help but love, because it is very rewarding and do something with someone. Selected hands. It is also a type of handicraft that can be manufactured several pieces to sell and have an extra income.

The blankets are very charming and bring the beauty of nature to your home, as this is the beauty meaning. Today, I bring you a One for the Road blanket pattern to make your room or other environment more beautiful, or you can give it to someone who loves lighting someone’s house and nothing better and better than doing it yourself, really cool. In this model of blanket, you can also mix the types of colors you want to use, making the piece even more exclusive. This is the good of crafts that have a pattern, but we can change as you want and prefer and make this model your own.

Understand the influence of colors in decoration: When we want to be more discreet, we wear black. When we want to show joy, we wear bright colors, such as yellow. This is because colors are capable of awakening sensations and impressions, from excitement and euphoria to seriousness, sophistication and, of course, this applies not only to clothes, but to the moment of choosing the hue of each environment of our home. Therefore, today, to help you make your home more colorful, with a painting that reflects your personality, we have separated a special article that brings the influence of colors in decoration. Discover the meanings of each shade and how they affect our mood and emotions. Warm colors and cool colors: Remember in school when we used to take art class? Well, who would have thought that they would also help us decorate our homes. To understand the different shades, we must start from the basic principle, which is color temperature. Warm colors correspond to those that transmit a sensation of heat, since they are associated with the sun, fire, and blood. While cold colors are those that are associated with ice, water, and the moon, and which convey the sensation of cold. The influence of colors on decoration: That said, to understand the influence of colors on decoration, it is necessary to understand the psychological impact they have on us, and this impact depends on subjective factors. In general, it is possible to determine how each color acts on our brain and what feelings are attached to it.

Here are the meanings of some of them:

  1. Blue – Blue is considered the color of the mind and is essentially calming. Walls in this color appear to be further away than they really are, so blue can help create a sense of spaciousness in rooms.
  2. Green – Linked to nature and balance, green conveys calm and well-being. It is a great color to mix with natural elements such as fibers, wooden furniture, and plants, creating a rustic environment and a sense of tranquility. It is also a great option for balconies or leisure areas.
  3. Yellow – The stimulus generated by yellow is psychologically strong, being considered a color that affects the feelings more than the physical or intellectual. It can raise our spirits and our self-esteem, because it is the color of confidence and optimism. But it should be used with caution, because the wrong tone or a bad mix with other colors can have the totally opposite impact, giving rise to fear and anxiety.
  4. Red – Color of the fire element, it is connected to energy and passion. Considered a warm color, it can be stimulating, being a great option to sharpen the palate. Thus, a kitchen with red details, for example, can be a great choice or a gourmet space.
  5. Gray – Gray is the only neutral color that does not produce direct psychological effects. But in decoration, it can help bring a sophisticated and modern effect to the environment. Great to compose a Scandinavian or industrial style décor. And due to its versatility, the color matches bedrooms, offices, and hallways.

Personal taste is the main factor when choosing a color. After all, there’s no point in using a color that doesn’t bring back a good memory or feeling. However, it is necessary to analyze the style of decoration, the furniture, and even the size of the space to determine which shade would be ideal.

One for the Road Blanket | Scheepjeswol

But come on enough talk … just below is the PDF pattern and the graphics you may need to make this beautiful cover:

Craft For The World wants to thank By Martin Up North ( for providing us with the complete pattern of this beautiful work. Follow your step by step carefully and start your project.

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