Namaqualand Blanket Pattern

Today we are going to learn how to make blankets with the Namaqualand Blanket Pattern. I know that the crafting household always lacks space to store paints, brushes, yarn, wool, and everything else used for crafting. Here at home there is too much imagination and lack of space to store a plethora of trinkets, always with the excuse that one day I still need them. I have so much wool and yarn that are in clear boxes and separated by color.

I have been storing balls of wool for over ten years. In this post, from Pattern we will see more about this and learn how to create a beautiful Namaqualand blanket pattern; So use your imagination, this crochet blanket can be any size you want. The square can be made in two or more colors, tone on tone, and also in a single color, it all depends on which color you like best in this beautiful pattern.

But despite these multiple uses, what is the real function of blankets?! They can be used as blankets, they can hide imperfections, they serve as a small blanket on cold days, but they mainly serve to “break up” the size of the upholstered furniture, creating a different visual perception of the size of the piece and balancing the overall composition. Sofas decorated with blankets make the living room more charming and with more personality. Extremely versatile, blankets are made of various materials, colors, prints and can be used in many ways on the sofa. There are models for all kinds of tastes, and you can change them whenever you feel the need to change the look of the room. Besides making the environment more beautiful, the blanket can also take on other functions, such as keeping us warm on colder days and preventing dirt and stains on the sofa.

Even if the sofa is older, and if you want to restore it in a more practical and economical way, the blanket can also be a good option to give it a new look. The blankets for sofas can be made of various materials: acrylic yarn, cotton, synthetic or natural wool, chenille, synthetic leather, and various mixtures of yarns. There is no rule to use them, the particular taste of each person will influence this decision.

Getting the right color – Choosing the ideal color can be a challenge, because there is a wide variety of compositions. The work of composition is much more connected to a perception of good taste and appropriateness of the solution, than to any practical rules. One of the combination options can be tone on tone, where you work from the color of the sofa, making small variations in the colors of the blanket. This line of composition will bring a more neutral effect to the ensemble, allowing us to explore the color composition in the pillows, pictures, walls, and rugs. We can also work with analogous colors, that is, colors that are close in the chromatic circle. For example, on a navy blue sofa, we can use blankets with shades of green, other shades of blue, and also shades of purple. This effect can further enrich the composition of your living room. You can also work with contrasts, through light/dark or through the use of complementary colors, which are directly opposite colors in the chromatic circle, such as green-red, blue-orange, purple-yellow.

Guys below I leave the link to this beautiful free pattern with all the information for all the people who want to make this beautiful project. Hope you like. Good job and until the next crochet pattern we will learn!


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