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Famous for being a technique that involves the craft of joining varied patches, forming geometric figures, patchwork is related to manual work that, translated into Portuguese, means “patchwork. Patchwork is also popularly known as “Grandma’s quilt”, and, in a production of this type of craft, the fabric cuttings are made symmetrically or asymmetrically, using quilts that are basically drawings made with a sewing machine, where the formats of the productions are, in a way, varied – with emphasis on the famous arabesques, the stars, and the beautiful hearts. A huge variety of pieces can be made using the patchwork technique, from baby outfits to sofa covers, dog beds, clothes, and murals. And such pieces usually have three layers: the top, the filling, and the lining. If you are interested in learning how to work with patchwork or, even if you already work in the field, want to know a little more about this technique, check out in this article some of the main concepts about sewing for bookbinding, the best fabrics to be used for this type of art and also why take a patchwork class – to really get started!

Since the dawn of time, handicraft-related productions have always been part of human history. Specifically about patchwork it is interesting to note that since ancient Egypt this technique already existed. It is estimated that patchwork began around 3400 B.C., when the pharaohs dressed themselves with pieces made from leftover fabrics. This technique was also present in warfare, since underneath their armor soldiers used pieces created especially for this purpose. Over the centuries, patchwork has gone from being a mere craft to become an artistic expression in pieces created for personal or decorative use. Another very interesting feature about the practice of patchwork is that it works as a kind of therapy and, mainly, as an excellent option for a source of income.

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What is bookbinding sewing like? The techniques of bookbinding stitching are diverse, for each one has certain particularities that reflect the historical period of the geographical region where they were developed, as well as the conditions under which the respective arts were created. In addition, binding styles are a must for patchwork work, the most commonly used being Functional, Aesthetic, and Custom styles.

What are the best fabrics for patchwork? When starting to work with patchwork, it is interesting to have as a first priority the knowledge of the fabrics most used for the respective techniques, remembering that usually the most common are cotton – perhaps because they are more resistant and easier to wash. There is no way, the use of 100% cotton fabrics ends up being more indicated for this type of technique, since they provide better fit for pieces that have direct contact with the skin, such as blankets and quilts. Finally, it is worth considering the option of using imported fabrics for patchwork. No doubt they are excellent, but it is important to make it clear that the prices are much higher compared to domestic fabrics.


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