Modern Crazy Quilt

Welcome to Craft For The World, excited to start another project?! Well, how about trying something new and making the famous crazy blankets, they are a great way to make fun and colorful blankets using fabric scraps. Follow this tutorial to create your own modern Crazy Quilt block patterns. You can improvise and create a different look each time, unleash your imagination! The crazy Victorian blankets were hand stitched, putting small pieces together in carefully planned arrangements that look random. You can recreate this look in a modern way by sewing your strips and extra pieces of fabric, have fun! “Quilting is a dirty word: few people know how to write it, and even fewer know what it means! Wall colors: learn how to choose the best one for each environment – A very common way to change an environment without spending too much is to paint one or some walls.

This is how you can also bring personality and style to your decoration, besides punctuating sensations that you want to bring to the room, such as tranquility, comfort, joy, warmth, nobility, sophistication, among other impressions. Colors also have the power to create different visual effects: if the room is dark, it is possible to bring a color that helps bring more natural light into that space. If the place is small, colors that give a sense of spaciousness are welcome. If you need to give depth to that room, see what options you can use for that purpose. All according to the style of your furniture so as not to create a mix of elements that do not match. But before starting the work, it is necessary to study the place carefully. If only one or two walls will receive different colors, it is important to find out which of these walls should be chosen and what is the best color to be adopted for them, so that the harmony of the decoration is not compromised.

Crazy Quilting….in a Modern Way | Inspirations... Stitch by Stitch

To choose an appropriate color for your room, it is necessary to first think about what you would like to convey. If the intention is to offer tranquility, bet on off-white and blue colors. If the room will be a great place to relax and the idea is to bring freshness to it, choose green. Orange is a color that encourages communication and creativity, while yellow and turquoise are perfect for brightening up a neutral space. And if you want to give it a hint of tranquility, invest in earthy or cool tones. According to professionals Daniella Delafina and Amanda Gomes, from ASG Arquitetura, the same color can transmit several sensations to the environment, and this varies with the way it will be applied.

“Black, for example, used on a back wall for the TV in a home theater room, looks great because it highlights the screen, giving the appearance of a real cinema. On the other hand, on a dining room wall, it would leave a heavy atmosphere, which we don’t want when we bring friends and family into our home,” they say.


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